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The sockeye salmon run in Alaska is now estimated to total 51 million. It’s come late and I have had to alter plans, but this is a record number.
Everyday bears are congregating in greater and greater numbers at the confluence of 2 small creeks high up in the tundra of Katmai. Its a feeding frenzy and I feel honoured to be in the thick of things. Nature is not predictable, but I can predict that there will be at least 50 bears here tomorrow. It’s a staggering spectacle.

Taken high up in the Alaskan tundra last night, this image is the reward for the research we have done in Katmai. It is a long way from home and then a physically challenging day in the field. But moments like this make it all worth while. Thank you John Baechler - you are the best fixer we have anywhere.

This is a special picture taken in a special place. Amboseli is the best canvas in the world on which to photograph elephants. In late October the lake is dry and huge herds make the daily trip across the scorched earth in search of water. This group contained elephants of every age and they composed themselves with great consideration for my lens. The protective instincts of the adult on the right of the image draw the eye in to the centre of the photograph. When I took the picture, there was no other vehicle within at least five miles – that is the joy of Amboseli.

The Emperor of the North fresh off the printer in LA for the first time. He looks fabulous and regal. This is the toughest print to work on - 100 shades of white - you nailed it - great job Joe - and thank you!! Andrea, we will miss you.

Mystic River - an old remote control favourite from 2015.

This is not a bad beach to spend a summer afternoon on. True, there is no rosé wine or glamorous company and it certainly is not that hot. But there are compensations - like bear cubs playing around right next to me. I take this beach any day!

This is normally prime time in Alaska for bear viewing, but 2017 is different. They are out and about for sure, but there will be more opportunities as the month goes on and more salmon make it upstream. I am reminded that there are no sure things other than death and taxes.

In LA. Busy times at the labs ahead of a heavy autumn show schedule...The image I was most keen to see was "78 degrees north". It's a big picture for sure but a tough print to get right. They have done an excellent job - as always! Californian craftsmanship and pursuit of excellence!

"Just don't do it again”
The Sockeye salmon run is late in Alaska, so we are having to be resourceful. But the bears are now congregating. This was a special little vignette yesterday on a glorious afternoon and it must resonate with us all. The younger bear seems so chastened from his elder - we have all been there. Well I have anyway...

This weekend I'm heading to Alaska with my kids and @k2im to photograph bears. I don't know Kim well, but she is a keen photographer and lots of fun, not to mention a Dutch superstar. Her enthusiasm for this project shows she has many passions that her fans may not necessarily associate her with. It was a year ago that I took this shot "Face Off". I hope this trip proves just as successful.

It was fantastic working with @naturalworldsafaris last month on our trip to Svalbard. I like to get close and I only agreed to lead a group with Natural World Safaris last month on the understanding that we would prioritise polar bears and get as close as we practically and responsibly could. We came back with some powerful content and I think that the trips will only get better as our relationship gets stronger. The success of our first voyage bodes well for November 2018 when I will lead another group of photographers to South Georgia, a truly spectacular destination for any photographer. Details for the trip can be found in the bio - This will be the only tour I will be doing for the next two years and its already half-full!

This was a memorable morning and the culmination of a great deal of observation and homework. I had worked with the same lion pride in Amboseli for four mornings, but the hurried placing of remotes at sunrise is a low-percentage and dangerous pursuit near lions. After some unsuccessful mornings, we covered the camera casing in Old Spice stick aftershave, as my guide knew that lions were attracted by that smell (the local Masai and indeed colonialists have worn it for years). It worked, and the lioness came straight towards the camera against a clean backdrop. The image is best printed at this 46″ size, simply because I used a wide-angle lens and the resultant file crop is not immaterial. Amboseli is not a studio – indeed, a second after this image was captured, the lioness took the camera casing in her mouth and walked 700 yards into the bush. I was emotionally exhausted and it was only just after 7 am.

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