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vikah.  Music Director/Producer/Arranger: @hillsongmel @fatai @isaiahmusicofficial @solitesema @aydan_music @j0eytee - Law 👨‍🎓📚 - #kingdompurpose

YOU 👏🏽 BETTER 👏🏽 SANG 👏🏽 @tazstokes @torikelly

Happy birthday to my dang brother!! Thanks for inspiring me and those around you to chase God and His calling on our lives.
You’re all heart my bro and that’s what sets you apart hey.

Even tho you’re in NZ, we’ll still be as close as ever ✊🏽💯 ... like you never left.

But don’t get it twisted tho, I’ll still waste you on 2k 💀😂 Love you brother!

Had to learn this song on the spot 😂
But its easy when you’ve got these two vocal beasts @isaiahmusicofficial @fatin30 !

This is my sis for life right here @solitesema ✊🏽💯 // keep an eye out for her originals 👀 // Flaws - @kierrasheard

Sydney was littyyyyyy!! Here’s a lil vlog for y’all. Follow my brother’s journey fam .. he finna take the world by storm 🤟🏾💯 #AYDANWORLDTOUR

@aydan_music @kevinkimofficial @sammycalafiore @benjaminturland @daytontavares

Congrats to my brother @aydan_music on your first (of many) sold out show of the tour. Beyond proud bro!! Honoured to be on the journey.

Melbourne y’all were next level 🔥

The world ain’t ready for this brothers!! Essssshhhhkkkeeeedddiiiittttttt 🤟🏾 @aydan_music @kevinkimofficial
#AydanLive #kingdompurpose

Many people ask me, “what kind of music do you listen to that makes you play the way you do?” Here’s my answer to that ... WORSHIP.

Drop a 🙏🏽 in the comments if you wanna hear some originals fam // lessssgoooo sis @solitesema

Honoured to be the MD for my brother @aydan_music
One of the most talented, humble, hardworking artists that I get to play for.
First show of tour is in Melbourne this Saturday . Come through fam!! I’m telling you now before the bro goes worldwide 🙌🏾 Tickets are in my bio.
Got my bro @kevinkimofficial on the drums. The world ain’t readyyyyyyyyy!!

Here’s our version of the
Esshhhhhkkkedddittttt 🤟🏾😂 // lesssgoooo sis @solitesema
@servidsounds @inhousecreate

Whether we are in a bar, club, theatre or stadium, we always gonna worship and give all the glory back to him ✊🏽💯 @jonathanlemalu @fatai
#kingdompurpose #blankcanvastour

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