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David Spade  This is the real, official David Spade. Any other accounts are fake.

Awww these idiots

On @dennismiller podcast now. Second half Thursday. No politics, just #SNL stories and stupid shit. Heres me w puffy messy hair on step and repeat. More like a step and no repeat. ( the fact that i use terms like step and repeat is tragic) listen and tell me what u think

Thanks for having me New Hampshire Film Festival. I wore my dressy Oakleys in case i went fly fishing after. Or tubing down the river. #FatherOfTheYear. Q and A

I was tricked! This is pineapple not butter. Scraped it with a knife for 20 minutes. Im the laughing stock of the omelette bar. Repost! Make sure no one falls for this

Its was my boy @realnickswardson ‘s birthday. I forgot to say HB cuz 42 is kind of a shoulder shrugger. Here he is on ny couch hungover after a show in denver. Such an angel

Trying out @tonyhawk ‘s new skater shoes in my kitchen where i have a full half pipe. I don’t wear just any cool shoes someone sends me (yes I do), but these are cozy and make my 10 foot aerials above my chimney way easier. Thx bud. @lakailtd

Thriller Warning Shot with @guillermodiazreal @tammyjblanchard is out on VOD and streaming. Its basically a shorter version of a star is born

This Halloween, don't miss out on hanging out with your favorite monsters. Watch Hotel T3, now available on Blu-ray and Digital. http://sonypictures.us/itEeR9

Three of my favorite comics. When I got to Los Angeles to do stand up i used to watch these guys at the Improv. Wound up renting a place with Kevin and Dana when they were on SNL. Opened for Dennis a few times. Lots of LPB’s at dinner. ( laughs per bites)

Throwback action to Halloween when i went as human centipede and @sarahkatesilverman played the last person. Huge hit. Whole party was buzzing about it. Nowhere to go but down this year

If u havent seen my episode of @normmacdonald ‘s new netflix show try to snoop. Its a pretty hilarious train rizzle. Should never have aired. Norms whole hosting persona is basically that he’s been shot. And he’s trying to stay alive for the hour long interview. Making noises and losing consciousness the whole time

Finally a paparazzi guy gets me doing something normal like petting a dog. This is from a ways back

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