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David Shaw  @dbfctheband new video IN THE CAR on @rollingstonefrance Stay in the fucking saddle!

Massive LOVE and RESPECT ✊ to every single one of yous who came last night to support our sickness @supersonicclub!
It was nice to rebuild the engines together and play some new love songs for ya’ll !
Huge shout out to @v1n.music and @izzylindqwister you guys are exceptional 🙏🌹
Thank You for putting up with me ❤️
@cha_decroix @hmsrecords for eternal support⚒✊
More gigs early 2019, so if we haven’t met you yet, we probably will soon!

The struggle continues! ⚒✊
Love songs and dumb luck with a kick tonight @supersonicclub
Come support our sickness! 🌹

Love songs with a kick in Normandy! Thank you @cargocaen for having us, we had a great time ❤️🌹
⚡️Shout out @v1n.music @izzylindqwister⚡️
📽Live video from the trenches by @chanele_goldschmidt ⚔️🔥

No Rest for the Wicked!
After 2 days @cargocaen (again thank you! 🌹)
We’ll be Test driving some new love songs with a kick this week
Brace yourselves!
📸by @marine.colette

11 / 12 / 2018
Shout out to @marine.colette for the 📸 and @scritipoliti for the ✂️🎨📈

Le cul de Chantal.
Merci @garcon_sauvage_mon_amour

When everyone plays techno
You play @theblacklips_ because its simply the best band in the galaxy!
The good times
❤️ @badknifemusic @fracaillou @dabrotoine @nordikimpakt

Moi suis un mec a 12990%.
Cherche pas.

Tricks of the trade!
THIS is how you make a great record.
Now you know.
Love songs with a kick coming right at’cha.

« I’m sorry if i twisted your arm
I love to watch you spit »
My new love songs with a kick for you, to remind me what the sting feels like.

Out of the madhouse and back at it!
@dbfctheband live
📸 by @luisperez.contreras

Reflux ?
It happens sometimes
But no grudges
Its been 6 years already
And So it goes
The feelings are still there somewhere...in this case on a board.
This magic moment
📸by @marine.colette

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