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David S. Cordero  F'12 • CA || D'16 • NH || IBM • MA ~ we can only go up from here ~


went for a walk today with Andrew, found many flowers. #shotoniphone #nofilter #unfilteredlife

17 years apart and at least my smile has improved, even if my love for Toy Story hasn't. I like to have birthday celebrations in style.

Missed this more than I can express. Home is where the heart is, and mine can be found holding a horse in the middle of a village in New Hampshire.

When you miss the Green but this will just have to do. At least @dartmouthcollege taught me how to do work while appreciating nature.

Hey #FremontHighSchool c/o 2012. I've taken on the task of bringing us all together - even if digitally - for a five-year celebration since graduating high school. I and others would like to hear from you, survey is in bio.

spent a significant portion of the day experimenting in the kitchen to improve my stir fry recipe. to add dimension to my shrimp, I glazed them in brown sugar and red pepper with a bit of olive oil. the result: a sweet then spicy bite. mixed w the umami crunch of my charred broccoli and salty peppers and kale, I think I've got a winner. added on top of my mom's rice I've got myself a meal for the week! #mealprep #pseudochef #food #cooking #kale #kingofkale #shrimp #cook #kissthecook #veggies #stirfy

After 24 breakfast / lunches and 23 dinners; 6 flights, 1 rental car, 1 train ride; 5 hotel beds, 2 couches, 1 air mattress, and 1 bed; 19 familiar faces and countless new friends; 2 cases of pink eye, 1 sore throat, and 1/2 a paralyzed face; and many more credit card purchases, drinks, tired mornings, and memories, I'm headed home. I miss my bed. .
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today I decided that all I want after I retire is to own an art house cinema that plays non-white, queer, avant garde films in bougie af Los Gatos. and if doesn't motivate me to participate more intensely in capitalism, idk what will.

sunshine state of mind.

pnw happiness.

After 6 long days in Las Vegas, I leave having slept 32 hrs 😴, executed a 4K ft booth 🏗, experienced low key racism 🤦🏽‍♂️, watched Britney Spears live 👸🏼, been diagnosed with Bell's palsy 😕, played a casino game for the first time🕹, and won some cash 💰. What a trip! On to Seattle ✈️

they need a customer rewards program, imo – earn myself a star for each drink I have there.

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