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David Richard Persev 

Legion, the Worldkiller. Tonight's episode of #LegionFX finally gave David the apellation he's destined to be known by. Not only that but it also showed him donning his iconic costume from X-Men Legacy. It was such a fantastic homage to the comics. I simply adore this exquisitely nonsensical, mind-boggling and wonderfully psychedelic show. @thatdanstevens is utter perfection as David Haller! Nobody could play this complex, contradictory and conflicted character as masterfully as he does. So happy the show is coming back next year!

I'm wishing all the marvelous people involved in the making of @cmbynfilm all the good luck in the world tonight! I'm rooting for the film, #JamesIvory and @tchalamet to collect all the awards! Even if you go home empty handed---which I highly doubt you will---I hope you know that this is a timeless, affecting and meaningful film that has transformed and will continue to transform lives for years to come. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for pouring every piece of your hearts and souls into this profoundly captivating love story ❤️🍑 #CMBYN

I'm elated that that we're getting more of of you and Elena this season. You are are both a gift to the the #AgentsofSHIELD family. I'm so glad Mo and Jed recognized how valued and loved by the fans you and YoYo are.
I love you dearly, Natalia, and I'm so thankful for your warmheartedness and attentiveness! You are a wonderful human being and I hope this is just one of many wonderful things that come your way in life.

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Thank you all for your undying support of our show. For allowing me and so many more to do what we love. For sharing with us your joy.
It’s an honor to be a part of the #agentsofshield family.
I am deeply grateful for the opportunity @marvel and @agentsofshield have given me.
May more moments like this one keep happening to women, latinas and anyone willing to dream...
Thank you!

This is so sickening and horrifying. Beyond inhumane! When will people stop being cruel to animals? When will they stop exploiting animals for their monetary gain?

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Everyone sees feathery costumes at #Carnaval & #MardiGras, but do you know where the feathers come from? [WARNING: Graphic]

Bow to the blood of the dragon, motherfuckers! Gosh, I love Dany, she's the epitome of fierce! Such a fiery goddess! Most people say Tyrion is their favorite character but that badassery right there is why she is and will always be MY favorite character. She came from such hardship and look at her now ruling the world and vanquishing her enemies. I also LOVE @emilia_clarke both as an actress and as a human being (I love how incredibly funny she is and that potty mouth of hers, she's the most lovable babe), her performance as Dany is such an inspiration to me. I love #GameOfThrones so, so much, I love it so much that I wanna be on it! #daenerystargaryen #motherofdragons #GameOfThrones #bowdown

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Please make a gorilla smile and take 30 seconds to vote for @savinggorillas in this new competition! Link is in my bio! They came second place last time with all of your help and this time I know we can win it! Your support helps keep mountain gorillas on this planet and it would mean so much if you could share it with one or two of your friends! Love you all and thank you for being the most incredible fans! #voteforgorillas #gorillaambassador

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