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David Ramsey  Diggle. John Diggle. Bring me ice cream.

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Final week! #DontQuit now... get your shirt & join me in helping the @TCSociety give support to the brave individuals on the front lines in the battle against testicular cancer. Link in my bio

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Last night my son earned his 1st degree black belt. No way was I missing this! He was extraordinary!

This year I couldn't make our Arrow wrap party. The first I've missed in 6 seasons. So @stephenamell and I took our annual wrap party shot 2 days ago in anticipation of tonight's season 6 party. Thank you all for giving the two of us your attention for all these years. Through the ups and downs of our seasons you've been here letting us know what it means to you. That means everything to us. Thank you.

When the going gets tough, the tough #DontQuit. Join me in supporting @TCSociety to help the fight against testicular cancer! Link in my bio...

We don't quit when we're tired, we quit when we're done. Join me (& my two cast mates here) in raising awareness to provide support for fighters, survivors, & caregivers of those battling testicular cancer. It's time to have an open conversation #DontQuit link in bio🔗 #Arrow #ShopStands

Ready. Set..

National Siblings Day.. oh, and major #tbtuesday

National Siblings Day..