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Today's my birthday. Another year down makes me realize how fast time is moving. The fact that you can't slow down time motivates me to live more and grind harder. I appreciate every single one of you! Thank you for the birthday wishes... Stay grindin my friends!👌

My company hit 800k today... Which is the equivalent of filling up 15 Yankee stadiums! I look past the number and see a lot of grinding and sleepless nights to hit this milestone. Shout out to everyone who supported along the way... Thank you for 800k!🔥💪

My dog Albert has Uveitis. It's an eye infection that compromise​s his vision. I believe his vision is about 50% with his right eye being worse. If not caught and treated early, the end result would be complete blindness. From what the vet told me, if the infection hasn't spread to the back of his eyes.. his vision may come back. It's still unclear what caused Uveitis in Albert, it can be from allergies or something worse such as an auto-immune disease. If you're a dog lover or even a pet owner.. you understand the bond and connection you have with your loved ones. I haven't been this scared and emotional in years. I love my dogs more than I love most humans. I'm just super grateful that I noticed his symptoms before I leave on my trip to Seattle for a week. If you notice anything strange about your pets.. don't ignore it and get them seen by a professional ASAP. I just wanted to keep everyone updated on what's currently going on. Thank you for listening and please keep Albert in your thoughts. 😞

New vlog out now! Link in bio 👌

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! She came home to visit for her birthday from California! Love you!🔥


That's ma boi @hxcxkoto

#ninjanationtour #datsik



Today's my birthday. Everyday that goes by while being on this so called spaceship we call "earth" is a blessing. I'm grown.. but not yet at my full potential. I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Stay grindin my friends. 🔥



Today was a beautiful day to ride. 🚲🔥

Downtown Summerfest 2016

Lmaooo! Me and @a7saavedra messing around at chipotle. #telekinesis

My Ride or Die

This is a repost from April 10th, 2015 because i had to blur out my street address. Since i liked this photo and wanted to keep the memory of this day.. i thought id just repost it.

It's nice to spend time with my two great friends the day I turn 25 years old! #QuarterCentury

I love them way too much.

Happy Father's Day to this man right here.. love him with all my heart :-)

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