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David Lynch Foundation  Non-profit working to prevent and eradicate the epidemic of trauma and toxic stress among at-risk populations, through Transcendental Meditation

@meditationbob joins @alecbaldwininsta and @hilariabaldwin, and scores of other authors tonight in East Hampton for the 14th Annual #AUTHORSNIGHT—a benefit for the @easthamptonlibrary.
Bob will be signing copies of #StrengthinStillness, and answering questions about #TranscendentalMeditation.
Find out more about the evening at authorsnight.org, and listen to @883wppbfm’s live coverage throughout the night.

“Its our birthright as human beings to one day have infinite consciousness, unbounded consciousness… This just needs unfolding, by transcending every day.”
-David Lynch on the “fourth state of consciousness”
@frieze_magazine, in collaboration with @teteate.te and Austin Lynch, present “Fourth State,” a short film featuring David Lynch discussing consciousness and #TranscendentalMeditation. View the film in our Story.
@frieze_magazine also hosted a conversation and Q&A with David about how his consciousness and #TM practice influence his art. The full talk is also available in our Story.

Learn more about the Quiet Time program, our work with students, and the benefits of #TranscendentalMeditation at the link in our bio.
#TM #meditation #ChangeBeginsWithin

David Lynch's @festivalofdisruption brings together his favorite artists to expand our consciousness through creativity. The festival raises funds and awareness for the David Lynch Foundation, which provides #TranscendentalMeditation to people suffering from trauma and toxic stress. The Festival of Disruption returns to Los Angeles this October 13-14. See our Story or visit festivalofdisruption.com for the full lineup and tickets.

Norwich University, located in Northfield, Vermont, is the oldest private military college in America. It’s also where more than 800 cadets, active duty personnel, and Veterans have learned #TranscendentalMeditation over the past several years through the work of the David Lynch Foundation. Watch this short video to find out how the technique has impacted life at the University.
"I got the highest GPA I've ever gotten, with 23 credits - the biggest course load I've ever taken..." - c/CPT Brandon Jennings, meditating student, Norwich University Corps of Cadets
For more information on #DLF's Operation Warrior Wellness program, visit the link in our Bio.
#ChangeBeginsWithin #meditation

Check out @meditationbob’s episode about #TranscendentalMeditation on the @fitxtalks #podcast.
“It’s a brief, straight-forward interview with host Ash Ghandehari, one of the many wellness enthusiasts doing great work to make integrative medicine practices mainstream.”
-Bob Roth
See our Story to listen and download from @itunes.
#TM #meditation #wellness #ChangeBeginsWithin

Learn more about our Women’s Health Initiative and the benefits of #TranscendentalMeditation at the link in our bio.
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“You know that tremendous feeling of power when your phone is fully charged? That’s what TM is.”
@jerryseinfeld described how #TranscendentalMeditation makes him feel, during his performance at our Change Begins Within Gala in 2013. Visit the link in our bio to learn more about the benefits of TM, and to find out how to support our work addressing trauma and toxic stress through the practice. Get involved in our mission to serve at-risk youth and adults, and you’ll have the chance to attend our future charitable events like this one.
#TM #ChangeBeginsWithin

“Ideas are like fish.

If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper.

Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure. They’re huge and abstract. And they’re very beautiful.

I look for a certain kind of fish that is important to me, one that can translate to cinema. But there are all kinds of fish swimming down there. There are fish for business, fish for sports. There are fish for everything.

Everything, anything that is a thing, comes up from the deepest level. Modern physics calls that level the Unified Field. The more your consciousness—your awareness—is expanded, the deeper you go toward this source, and the bigger the fish you can catch.”
-David Lynch, Catching the Big Fish

To catch the big fish, you’ll also need a big hook. #DLF’s presenting sponsor ALEX AND ANI worked with David Lynch to create the latest piece in our #CharityByDesign collection: the Fish Hook Two Tone Adjustable Necklace. Catch yours at the link in our Highlights.

@alexandani will donate 20% of your purchase to help support our work addressing trauma and toxic stress among at-risk populations, through #TranscendentalMeditation.
Photos: @alexandani_annapolis | @alexandani

"That negativity starts leaving and positivity starts coming in when you truly transcend. That's the key. Transcending is the thing that we human beings want. We want to experience the deepest level of life.”
David Lynch discusses #TranscendentalMeditation in detail in a new interview with @lofficielusa. View our Story to read the full article.
Photo: @yeahfieldtrip | @jacobboll
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Learn more about the benefits of #TranscendentalMeditation and our work with #Veterans at the link in our bio.
Join us in helping #Vets heal from post-traumatic stress - please consider a donation to DLF at our website.
#TM #meditation #ChangeBeginsWithin

#DLF CEO @meditationbob thanks you all for your support in our first 13 years providing #TranscendentalMeditation to at-risk youth and adults. Thank you very much David Lynch! The next 10 years will be absolutely transformational.
#TM #ChangeBeginsWithin

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