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Jack loves the kids so much it hurts

@emmetlouis and then there's my hamstring injury/binding/thing, huge regression and painful :-( #emmetlouis #silverleapproject #modernmethodsofmobility

World's tiniest combined office-gym once again tidied up and ready to go

Weighted pancake side bend. Some kind of painful "bind" in my right hamstring so I skipped isometric splits work. @emmetlouis check out how long and how much jiggling and trickery I had to do to reach my end range. Not sure what was going on. No pulled muscles. Hamstring just didn't want to move. Tried getting a massage to see if it'll help. #emmetlouis #modernmethodsofmobility #silverleapproject

Gains measured in millimetres per week (at best). This stretch is my arch nemesis. I will defeat it. @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject #modernmethodsofmobility

Terrorises every animal in the neighbourhood and people cross the road to avoid him, but he's really a gentle sweetheart

This look means "best walk ever, tried to kill 5 dogs and a cat"

Working on some code with Sam...

Weighted isometric middle split hold on gym mat sliders, doubled weight again to 20kg. @jujimufu I'm coming for you! @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject #modernmethodsofmobility

Weighted isometric middle splits. Watch for the graceful dismount at the end. 😀 Wondering if I should up the weight again? Next plate up would be 20kg, so doubling again. @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject #modernmethodsofmobility

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