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Quadruped splits lift, end-range conditioning, apparently I can't multitask breathing while I do this 😀 @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject

Wall quad isometric, squeezing a yoga block, not sure I'm doing this right @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject

What should you do when you have the flu and a possibly broken foot? 20kg front rack kettlebell Cossack squats, that's what. Solid calf touchdown on the left. Gimpy left knee hampering me from achieving the same on the right. @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject

Joining one of my favourite action stars @thescottadkins for his birthday celebrations

Kicking seminar today with @thescottadkins

Mmmm, sausage toe, getting tastier by the day

I swear I don't do this on purpose. I really would like to experience one week injury free. Just once.

Third and final set of my first ever attempt at dragon flag, my triceps gave out, no ab burn though, so I'm fairly sure I must be doing something wrong ... or have weak triceps ... or super strong abs ... or all of the above @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject #dragonflags

First ever attempt at dragon flag, not sure I was doing it right, looks like my body might have been too hollow, triceps felt like they were doing most of the work @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject #dragonflags

Still sick, but some heavy bag work kept me warm. Hip is almost 100% again. Love hitting the heavy bag. Don't trust anyone who only trains tippy-tap kicks in thin air. #tkd #taekwondo #kicks #kicking #keepkickingalive #songmookwan #martialarts

L-HSPU, weird sharp pain in my right shoulder at the top of every push, but not a game stopper @emmetlouis #emmetlouis #silverleapproject

Chin ups, finally @emmetlouis gives me biceps ... kinda ;-) #emmetlouis #silverleapproject

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