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David Kim  🔹️#TeamBuendia #TeamHero @team_heraxhero 🔹️Mastering the art and science of breaking and repairing the human body🥊👨🏻‍⚕️ 🔹️ACSM Certified PT

Smoke and mirrors

I was never able to appreciate the athleticism of sports like basketball, football, baseball, etc.
No matter how hard I tried, it never grabbed my attention or kept me engaged.

BUT I could watch this video of @miketyson all day. It's amazing. The combination of speed, power, accuracy, elusiveness, and the brutality of it turns me on.

Maybe I don't like sports. I just like combat.


Gotta live up to the name.

No more being Mayweather, Lomachenko, GGG and all that.

I'm going full Tyson mode on these hos in and out of the gym!
Maybe just the gym actually. 😅

Homie @josephwon saw me training and said Tyson's style matches me best so it's on 100%! Let's go @eddiesboxingcrew


The source of my fighting spirit.


A big ego will destroy you.
Life is too short to think you're better than everyone and miss opportunities.

Let go and love.

Sometimes I have an urge to do this in a quiet elevator full of people.

Boards don't hit back... but @eddiesboxingcrew does.

Machine gun punches with Mike Tyson and Cus D'amato to motivate me.

30 seconds of speed followed by 30 seconds of power punches, 3 times each.
I felt exhaustion and doubt creeping in me, but I knew suffering here will make fighting a breeze.
Apparently this is called 'Dirty 30'. How fitting...

That's my gym @cityofangelsbox , that's my coach @eddiesboxingcrew and the bro @artemusdolgin
Thank God it's not that hot anymore. My old martial arts gym didn't have A/C too so the heat was nothing new, but Eddie is always trying to kill me here.

I'm down 10 lbs since I started boxing 4 months ago and I feel waaaay better.
Definitely more conditioned and I've altered my weight training a bit since then.

Speed like a flyweight and power like a heavyweight with @eddiesboxingcrew

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