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David Kim  🔹️#TeamBuendia #TeamHero 💪 www.JeremyBuendiaFitness.com 🔹️HERA x HERO (Code: DK007) www.HERAxHERO.com 🔹️REDCON1 Supplements 10% off: T10DKim

"Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system."
Don't be confined by a certain style and system that was created and best for another individual.
Continually grow and honestly express yourself.

After walking 2 miles, jumping over rivers, walking on logs, hopping on rocks, getting poked by thorny bushes, and climbing down a rope.
It was worth it! 😎

Starting to enjoy and admire mother nature more.

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"Side chest Franco, not front chest... when they ask for a side chest, you hit it and let it come out... and if you don't have it, don't hit it." -@schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron 😅

Glad to help and see some old school side chest poses coming out from @team_hero_ athletes.

#TeamHero #GoldenEra #ClassicPhysique

I'm just going to leave this here. 😂

#tbt to working the nightlife.

I spent most of my 20s working Friday and Saturday nights. I didn't get to go out much but I was never a big party guy anyway. I saw enough ratchet shit at work that it turned me off. 😅

I was one of the smaller guys at 145-150 lbs back then but I would've killed for my team.
I miss the camaraderie and the brotherhood we all had.

Terrell, the guy behind me, was one of the strongest guys I've met. He literally picked up people by the back of their shirt and pants and threw them into the elevator like those cartoons. 🤣

I hope I made a better human being out of everyone I put to sleep.
Have fun, control your liquor, and don't fight at bars or clubs.

"To me, okay... Ultimately, martial arts means honestly expressing yourself. Now it's very difficult to do. I mean it's easy for me to put on a show and be cocky and be flooded with a feeling like 'pretty cool' and all that. Or I can make all kind of phony things and be blinded by it. Or I can show you some really fancy movement... But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, and to express myself honestly. Now that my friend is very hard to do." -@brucelee
Been looking at bodybuilding from a different viewpoint lately. @artemusdolgin and his words have started to resonate with me in regards to life, bodybuilding, and competing.
I started my bodybuilding journey in 2001 before there was a physique division and loved bodybuilding poses from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It was another way of expressing myself as an artist. I never saw myself big enough to compete in bodybuilding and I got thrown into competing in physique 3 years ago but I felt stuck with it's limited posing and boardshorts. Competing has now lost it's place on my list of priorities as I've lost the enjoyment in it. Competing is very demanding and I respect all who do compete. (Like legit compete, not show up on stage fat.)
My priorities have shifted and I don't want to give my family and friends hell during my prep anymore. I'm not the nicest guy when I'm depleted and relationships are more important for me now. I don't know how many more years I have left with my parents or even myself. I'm starting to realize the more important things in life as I get older and my philosophy on life revolves around death. Sounds like some dark sh!t but it's really not. You learn to appreciate the beauty of life.
I'm still in love with the art of bodybuilding and will continually to work on my proportions and lines as a heathly lifestyle. I want to improve my flexibility and hit a legit vacuum.
Let's just say if I do decide to compete again, it'll be in the classic division... and I'll be hitting the splits like @officialflexwheeler and with a vacuum so deep you can eat cereal out of it. No, I won't be competing to be Mr. Olympia, but out of enjoyment and art.
Ultimately, to honestly express myself.

Happy birthday @brandonlee

Flex on with your dad @brucelee

February 1, 1965 - March 31, 1993

Life is precious.

#throwbackthursday to 7 years ago.
Why does this look like my friend and I are doing life sentences in prison? 🤣


A dedication to my heroes who made me who I am today.
And an ode to my personal liberation.

I needed that laugh.

@brucelee #brucelee

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