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David Kahn  I don't know what I'm doing, but I know I'm not going back to an office job anytime soon...


House of the Rising Sun - The Animals

Noodlin' around last night and put a cover together out of it. Link in my bio for the full video. Now that I can finally play guitar while singing it is getting addicting! Let me know what you guys think👊❤

@am0slee - sweet pea

Yooo what's up everybody? Crazy for me to watch this and remember I bought a guitar in August and now I can play and sing. This was always a life goal of mine and I've been saying I'm gonna learn for years, so I'm just takin a second to be proud of myself. Being able to just close your eyes and play while singing is so peaceful. Maybe that's why steve wonder is so amazing. Full cover I'm pretty excited about with @davidwiththelonghair we are gonna put out this week! Stay tuned my friends❤👊

What's up everybody?? So I bought my first guitar off Craigslist in August and have been playing it a ton everyday but even while I've learned a bunch of songs, playing and singing is still hard af! I severely underestimated it but I am thankfully now getting over that hump and it is so rewarding! Yesterday I went to my favorite spot to sing and jammed for a while and even made a new friend @channing.v.gray🎤🤙. Let me know what you guys think, and if you have experienced/have any advice for this learning curve?? Much love! ❤️

What's up instafam!? I've been having a great time making a bunch of music this week w my very musically charged friend @davidwiththelonghair (🎸) who is in town from North Dakota. Let us know what you think of our new cover @torikelly / @wearethirdstory -Beautiful Things. Click the link in my bio for the full video! Arrangement by the one and only @hi.im.harrison. 📽: @ksasaki_
Much love!❤️

Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight... What's good everyone? This was from an open mic I did a few days ago. Full video is on my YouTube! Link in my bio🎤

Happy Valentine's Day and 2 year anniversary with my little Oompa Loompa! We have had our ups and downs but I love you so much and I am very thankful to have you in my life and for all that you do. You really helped give me the confidence to pursue my dreams with music more than anyone and I hope that we can grow old singing together😍🎤👴🏼❤️ @brittaniann828

"Ayy he on the back of your truck"

#ShapeOfYou - #EdSheeran

What's up Instafam! Have you heard Ed Sheerans new songs? They are🔥 Just had to bass it up a little 😉 full cover is on my YouTube (link in my bio). Lemme know what you guys think! My New Years resolution is to try and get back to posting more regularly too💪

Merry Christmas fam!! Sorry for disappearing for so long, I recently got a place w my brother who is special needs and unfortunately I haven't really had time for anything other than taking care of him lately but I am at my parents house rn so I am gonna try and record a few more while I'm here and they are helping me out w him. Covered one of my fav Christmas songs today, hope you guys enjoy. Full cover on my YouTube channel (link in bio)!

@johnmayer - Free Fallin'
What's up instafam? Workin on my John Mayer voice today😂, lemme know what y'all think!
Almost to 5k😱 tag friends please!

Closer - @thechainsmokers 🎤

Happy Friday fam! What are you guys up to this weekend? I've been diggin this song for a bit. Nice to see some low baritones on the top of the charts! Give people like me hope😅
Tag friends if ya like it😁🎤
Thanks fam❤️

4,000!!!! WOOHOO! Dang we hit 3k like less than a month ago, so cray. In honor of reaching 4K, here is a very rare thing from me, a selfie...! Haha. Thanks so much to all the new people that have followed and people that have been continuously supporting/liking/commenting/tagging people. Its always been a dream of mine to be a successful soloist and as I started putting more effort into this a few months ago and now watch this page grow so fast it is really making me feel like I might have a shot at this if I dedicate myself 100%. So that's what I'm gonna keep doing! My life right now is literally deliver pizza 3 days a week and when I'm not doing that I am working on my voice, and learning guitar and piano. So we will see where this all goes and again I really appreciate y'all backing me, love you guys!🎤❤️

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