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David Yim  I heard that laughing is good for the health 🌁

I wanna sleep forever to a jam session like this.

I passed all my classes 😭
Now here’s a loopity loop scoop 😬

I just want to congratulate my parents for working so hard and for sacrificing so much to allow me and my brother @dennis_yim to be able to pursue our passion, dream and calling.
To my mother.
Thank you for showing me so much love and thank you for believing in me. Every time I’ve come home and told you that I feel like I can’t do anything and that I won’t be able to achieve my goals, you’ve always reminded me that God is with me and that I shouldn’t worry because God is guiding me. I know you’re praying for me and Dennis everyday and your prayers have meant everything to me. I’ve never treated you well growing up as a child, but I am so lucky that you have been gracious and patient despite all my rebellion and hatred. You have taught me and showed me the what love truly means.

To my father.
Two years ago I left the house for two months because I thought that you didn’t care about anyone. And I was so wrong. You’ve always worked so hard; working from 7am to 9pm for the past three decades, and not once have I ever heard you complain. I’ve never heard you say that you were tired or that you wanted to quit, but instead you’ve kept on doing what you had to do. You have been my biggest motivation and inspiration this past semester. Every time I felt like giving up or wanted to complain about how tired I was I would always think about your work ethic and it motivated me to just keep on doing what I had to do. Thank you for taking care of me, and it took me all these years to realize that your love has always been by your actions.
So congratulations to my parents.
For raising me and for allowing me to have this opportunity. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys.

I love you mom and Dad
and I’m so blessed beyond words.


This spot right here. All the long nights of practice, all the doubting, all the loneliness and all the stress in the world. I had no clue how to play this thing coming into SFSU’s music program and I literally sat down and googled all the scales and knowledge that I needed loool. But man...this spot has been like my Vegeta gravity chamber and I’ve always felt pressure to push myself to my very limit. I’m gonna miss ya when I leave my gravity chamber. You gave me the worst memories in college but also the best lesson that growth is always slow and steady.

Thanks for being the most genuine and and loving roommate ever. Your love and mentality is so contagious and it inspires me. I never told you this but you challenge me to put others before myself because I always see you doing that with the little things you do for the house and your friends everyday. Words can’t describe how blessed I am to have you in my life my dude. I love ya banana stealing roomie 🍌🍌🍌. I know you’re gonna kill it in life and I’m always praying for you BABY!!!

Felix Culpa ~ Fortunate Fall
I am blessed and fortunate that I have been given unfathomable grace, love and a resurrection in my heart. Thank you God for finding me in my darkest hours of life, and for saving me. Everyday is a blessing to be alive to share your love and testify the power of your holy and precious name

Please don’t die Ruby. I love you too much you smelly little dong😭♥️

I can’t lie...it’s hard not to be a perfectionist. But slowly understanding that nothing is perfect and it’s all about enjoying the creative process. I thought it’d be fun to just play something improvised with one take so my adrenaline really kicks in and post it no matter how poopy it is. Man I really need some new licks 😂

Posted a long time ago on my feed of a melody I wrote called “Day Dreaming” and I screwed up real bad in that video. Well I still screwed up today and @ianilanoo and I couldn’t do any more takes because it was sprinkling and getting dark, so I decided to add avant-garde elements to this one. Enjoy the beauty of muted notes and dissonant blending of harmony 😂🌁

Feeling rainy this whole week. Keep working hard in everything that you do, because you can only go up when you’re putting in the time and effort in your craft. Thank you to the best roommate @ianilanoo for putting this together ! Check out his awesome food pics! 🌊🏙

-Ryan Lee-
I’ve seen you grow up so much these past years I’ve got to know you. I see so much of me when I talk to you about the things you struggle with and go through in life. We always seem to know the right decisions to make, but never follow through the right path because we’re trying to make our own path, trying to run away from the pain of being isolated, scared, alone and sometimes just plain bored. I always tell you everything that I say because I don’t want you to tell yourself all the time that was a mistake “that it’s a lesson learned”. I always feel like I’m trying to fix the past, but that has only been done by God’s grace. I say everything that I do, because I’ve been in the places you’ve been, and I know first hand it’s not worth falling for the false lies we tend to believe in. I say study hard, dream big dreams, don’t second guess yourself because those are the things I’ve struggled with so many years of my life and I don’t want you ever looking back in life and being stuck with regret. I scold and I “discipline” because I care and I love you and I know the great potential that is within you. So I’m letting you know, that everyday you’re blooming, and I know life is hard, but it always takes time to grow. -임준수

I love God. I love this song. And I love @mateusasato. Wish I could do this solo more justice...but just gotta keep practicing.

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