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David Haydn-Jones  Actor. Writer. Architect. Gadabout. #supernatural #spnfamily #mrketch #lttu #lessthanthree


The Dead shall rise again... Mick and Arthur in Hell?! No. Davey and Adam raising a glass of gratitude for amazing weekend at #edmontonexpo and #spnfamily
Happy Birthday, Mate!!
Blessed to know you and share the exact same birthday! ;)
#secretsout #bmol #whatarethechances

Luv ya bruvvah!!

Toe pick!
Transitioning again.
#jazzercise #lttu #<;3

I don't think I need reading glasses but I really should double check and reread social media requests.
Oh well. You're welcome Internets!

All for a great cause @alzfdn
Be sure to check out:

To get yours :)) #lessthanthree #ltt #lttu #bramblehousechristmas #hallmark #hallmarkies #supernatural #spnfamily #mrketch #ketch #spn


Please join me in getting your “Less Than 3 = Love” @represent Apparel at:

To help support my chosen charity, The Alzheimer's Foundation of America @alzfdn
This is OUR shirt, Mates! It all started with my embarrassing Social Media faux pas.
As people started to find me, I kept seeing <3 popping up in my feeds. As a daft “newb”, I actually thought I was being trolled and that people were rating me unfavorably! That is until the generous community quickly (whilst stifling their laughter, I’m sure) educated me that <3 was an old texting emoji for a heart and was meant to say “LOVE”. Well, haha… THAT felt much better.

Others, thank goodness, soon told me that they too had been confused by it at one time. Phew. Now I wasn’t alone. I had love and empathy coming on my side. Then a lovely woman on Twitter told me that she and her partner actually say, “I Less Than Three You” to each other after I just had used the same turn of phrase; being the cheeky math nerd I am.

Now we had something; OUR official inside joke! It got hash-tagged, re-tweeted, memed, and shortened to #LTTU. It warmed my heart and showed me, a social media critic, what GOOD could come from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Well, now, that mistake, turned joke, turned meme, turned apparel is going to do some good in the world. Profits from the sales will go to benefit my very personal and chosen charity: The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

For my Nana. And my wonderful Grandfather, Aunts, Mother and part-time caregiver who nurtured her and gave comfort.


Davey HJ

P.S. Look even my trailer clock is saying less than three!! ;)
#lttu #lessthanthree #spnfamily #hallmark #hearties #ketch #dhj

Apparel Launch Monday July 24

I consider this a graphic “mash up” if you will. Nothing new or groundbreaking but at the same time wholly original to OUR inside joke and term of endearment for kindness.

I wanted it to be graphic and nostalgic and, as an architect, it was also very important to me that the design be balanced and “feel” right. Each letter lives within it’s own Golden Ratio rectangle as do the 3 sections of the phrase. (NERD) Balancing the positive and negative space was key to me as was making sure there was equal massing on each side of the two Axes. Kerning was key.

I felt it would be cool to have the 3 and the E be mirrors of each other. I wanted it to be a simple “EQUATION” and translation. The Math Nerd in me. Also, I wanted the equal sign to be front and center and to tie into the international symbol for ALL HUMAN RIGHTS.
We played with the void space in the “O” in Love. AFA logo, Men of Letters, Plain, or a Simple heart. For various reasons we went with the simple heart. Perhaps if this printing goes well, there is talk of another limited edition run with the MOL logo in the O.
Thanks for reading. I hope you know that while it is simple, thought and care was put into every graphic detail by me and the amazing team at represent.com

So delighted to be working with the incredibly smart, funny, talented, kind, creatively generous, insert superlative here, gorgeous @autumn_reeser !! She makes collaborating just so darn fun and easy.
Week one is already done, and I think we might be making something nice for you Christmas movie fans out there :)
Always grateful to the @hallmarkchannel and @hallmarkmovie and Mystery Channel for letting me play in their kind and heartwarming world.
#hallmark #hallmarkies #bts #bramblehousechristmas

Transitioning. Training.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ;) #hallmarkies #hearties #hallmark

My final #spn #bts and #tbt
Man that's a lot of Hash-tagging!
Just wanted to give @jaredpadalecki one final huge THANK YOU for an amazing time on #Supernatural season 12

You were a gentleman, gracious host and a helluva good dude and actor. I am honored to have played in your arena.
Thank you for all you do.
Cheers mate,
DHJ :)

#bts. My Final Trailer video from the set of #supernatural
Many people have asked me over the season where I am from and what is my "real" accent.
I took this video on my last day of shooting Season 12 of #spn
Thanks for an amazing ride everyone and forever grateful for the interest and support for #mrketch
Cheers, #spnfamily

Any time I got to come to set and collaborate with this kind, sweet, thoughtful, EXCELLENT actor was a great day to be alive :)
I thank you @samsmithgrams for your work, kindness, and being such a good sparring partner.
#spnfamily #bmol #supernatural #mrketch #marywinchester

Do you like target practice?
Throwing darts?
Practicing your Krav Maga on a martial arts dummy?
Well simply print this out and take out any Ketch-gression for the season finale!

#spnfamily #bmol #mrketch #supernatural

A-hunting we shall go...
A-hunting we shall go...
Heigh ho the Derry-o... Ahhh, you get the point :) Tonight on #supernatural
#mrketch #bmol #spnfamily

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