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David Haydn-Jones  Actor. Writer. Architect. #Ketchacabra Profile picture courtesy @monicadphoto

Please CLICK LINK in BIO :))
************************** I know what you’re thinking. Davey, what on earth is this?
You wrote and recorded a single about “Makin’ Bacon”? I know… kinda weird BUT… long story short:

I did an off-the-cuff, improv jingle last year at Jus In Bello #Jib8 Supernatural convention.
It became an ear-worm. Then a meme. And then it just wouldn’t die.
By YOU folks!!
So I was dared and challenged to record it. I did. I went totally overboard ;) I wrote a Country / Rock single based on my chorus.
Hopefully, in a way you will laugh, sing along and just plain ROCK OUT TO!! It’s Ketch-y.
I promise.

Please support our efforts by going to CD Baby (the best for paying incredibly talented artists), iTunes or your favorite streaming service and help raise money for my fave chosen charity, The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America @alzfdn
Since this single will live in perpetuity, I will be giving quarterly updates on Social Media on how much we’ve raised for charity!

In the meantime, please follow or give some LOVE to the incredible creative team below:

Producer: @bigfunky1
Producer / Recording Engineer / Cover Art: @vinniecorbo
Bass Guitar: @blackmarketreverie
Lead Guitars: @brettfarkasmusic
Drums: @kevwin65
Backing vocals: @suzannevocals and @jennifer.haydn.jones
Final Mix: Grammy award winner Rich Breen www.dogmaticsound.com
Photo Credit: @monicadphoto <3 = LOVE

#makinbacon #supernatural #ketch #hallmark #spnfamily #hallmarkies #lttu

Man, does @cw_supernatural like beating me up this season!
Poor #Ketch ;) Between this episode and social media they're #makinbacon outta me!

#supernatural #spnfamily

Guess what?! I got a fever!
And the only prescription is MORE... fun and surprises in #Jib9 :) Call it a dare. Call it a challenge. But the call was met. And then some ;) Putting on the final touches in the studio.
Ciao, Roma!

#spnfamily #jib9 #jib8 #supernatural #makinbacon

Ketch and Dean on the scene: Part deux

Looking forward to sharing tonight's episode of #supernatural on @cw_supernatural
Big shout out of love and admiration to the always generous, collaborative and playful @jensenackles
I am honored to play in your sandbox, good sir! Or in this case, snowbox :) #ketch #supernatural #cw #bts

Wanna see me play another arrogant, toffy-nosed, British wanker who gets #Taken for a ride?
Well tune in this Friday at 9 / 8 central on #NBC :) A big shout out and gratitude to @clivestanden and @thejenniferbeals for their incredible welcome and collaboration.
Kind, generous, energetic and so dedicated to the WORK on @nbctaken !
Such a pleasure to play with you and the entire cast and crew. Look forward to the episode.
Cheers, mates!

#taken #nbc #millsgotskills

There's so much Sweet In this movie!
Let me Sweetin the pot for you...
Also lots of #DadJokes
But in the best way ;) I cannot begin to tell you what a JOY every day has been "falling for" @jodiesweetin in #LoveUnderTheRainbow :) Her wit, smile, light, rapport and incredible LAUGH make the work so pleasurable :) Thank you, Jodie and look forward to sharing with y'all

#bts #hallmark

This throw back Thursday #tbt to end the #Supernatural hellatus is an inside look into @misha acting process ;) The script called for #Castiel to punch #Ketch. Misha happily obliged in "rehearsals" outside numerous times.
When it came time to shoot however Misha opted for Castiel's "Angel Boop"

Well played Misha. Well played

#bts #spnfamily #supernatural

The Ketchacabra Lore

Do you remember the “Chupacabra Incident”?
Ketch certainly does. For deeper, more scarring reasons than you know.

His flippant rejoinder about what he’d “rather be doing” revealed more about his longing to “hunt” with Mary than he was willing to admit — even to himself. Especially to himself.
Sam and Dean’s acrimonious banter utterly gutted his inner, secondary-schoolboy self.
You’d think he’d be used to it by now, but it still hurt. Every time.
But deep behind Ketch’s eyes, there was more…
Memories of a grisly, unholy bargain he once made:

A long time ago, far, far away in the El Yunque rainforest, Ketch was tasked with assisting the Puerto Rican Men of Letters (PRMOL).
His mission: Eliminating a large pack of chupacabra-human hybrids.
Vastly outnumbered and in unfamiliar terrain, Ketch was taken prisoner and made to cower, grovel and serve at the Matriarch’s pleasure.
The pack’s Alpha Female had made Ketch her man-servant.

After months of captivity, an unnatural and forbidden relationship evolved between them.
A relationship best left to the readers’ vivid imaginations and perhaps Ao3 ;)
The ever-cunning Ketch exploited this pairing to secure his eventual escape but not without paying a haunting, psychic toll.

It is rumored that a hellish offspring spawned by this coupling roams the rainforest to this day.
A creature with a penchant for fine suits, the best Puerto Rican rum and tearing the flesh off bones.
Part Ketch — Part Chupacabra — ALL…


My original design and final s(ketch) delivered to @fanboy30 for my head-canon lore and most fearsome monster in the #supernatural extended universe:

Stay tuned for our official swag dropping this Thursday :)

Find out what #Ketch and #Asmodeus have been up to on @cw_supernatural tonight

My gut tells me...
Not. Good. Things... #supernatural #spnfamily

Twins, eh?!
I wonder if Alexander was or is "real".
Something to ponder over the break ;) #tbt #mrketch #spn #supernatural #trailerselfie

FREEZE!!! You know who it is...
It's ME, WITCHES! (Rowena MacLeod where ARE you?) #spn #supernatural #ketch #mrketch

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