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  'To the wounds that never heal'

Typical picture of your white man being carried by the minority.

But seriously, thanks for becoming one of my closest friends this past year. You've made it all the more memorable and it's going to be sad knowing you won't be there when I get home. Best of luck Dr. Pasquini, I know you'll kill it in Stony Brook.


Here's to Squirt giving me a rundown on proper exiting technique.

Call your friend a lifeguard. #terracehouse


The new piece looks good on you big bro. Save me a spot next to you so you can tell me all about your adventures. #tothewoundsthatneverheal

Thanks for all the tears of sadness and joy, for all the memories, and being a big reason why I love the game. I'll truly miss you 🐍 #mambaday

When the side piece takes her to go see her main squeeze.

Shredding through the snow with my woes. #youknowhowthatshitgo #SqaudVaca2k15

I love you, man. You've influenced my life more than you'll ever know. And even though you're a Celtics fan, I won't hold that against you. Time may move on, but you're always here to stay. #guardianangel #bandofbrothers #tothewoundsthatneverheal #keeppounding

First family trip to the Drew League #thedrew #noexcusejustproduce @jharden13 @demar_derozan @swaggyp1

J Cole was the headliner, but I really came for this 😏#coleworld #dreamville #jocole

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