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DAVID FORD  Celebrity Cover Photographer Canada’s Most Published Fitness Photographer CBBF & EPM Model Search Promoter 6x Accredited PPOC|PPA

2019 is an exciting year!! It was great to recently stop by the EPM TV Studios and share a little of my spring schedule and thoughts on stage photography at three big natural shows. Repost from @canadianbodybuildingfed - @elitephysiquemagazine head photographer @davidfordfoto will be photographing three big natural shows this year including the @albertabodybuildingassoc Natural Championships on March 23, the @hardmagnum Kelowna Classic on April 20, and the prestigious @hardmagnum IFBB International Events Qualifier on May 4. David brings 20 years of experience in the fitness industry where he has provided the highest level of professional service to clients across the country. David stopped by the EPM TV Studios in downtown Vancouver to share a little about the importance of stage photography. We wish everyone a safe and successful prep and we look forward to seeing you at these shows!! #epmnation #epmtv #cbbf #ifbb #ifbbinternational #ifbbelitepro #modelsearch #photography #media #bodybuilding #fitness

This summer show in Edmonton is a show I have looked forward to since I started shooting in 1999. I love that it carries on Margaret Logue’s legacy also. The history of the ABBA is incredible and so many key people played a role into where it is today. This will be a lot of fun!!! Repost from @albertabodybuildingassoc - The Alberta Bodybuilding Association is excited for the annual Margaret Logue Physique Championships. Over the years, many of Alberta’s top competitors stepped on stage in this show and we know that tradition will continue as athletes look to qualify for the CBBF Nationals against the best in the province. Margaret Logue worked hard on behalf of the ABBA for many years and her legacy continues on in 2019. Thank you to the Logue family for their hard work over the years elevating the sport to where it is today. We wish everyone a safe and successful prep as the 2019 competitive season rolls around. #abba #cbbf #bodybuilding #fitness #ifbb #ifbbelitepro

Happy New Years everyone! I for one am excited for 2019. Who’s with me? So many great things happening which I’m proud to be a part of. Always great to see business partner @mtsinkorang over the holidays to discuss business, ideas and life in general. Repost from @canadianbodybuildingfed - Happy New Year from the @elitephysiquemagazine Promotional Team of @mtsinkorang and @davidfordfoto
Matt and David are passionate about the sport and about supporting athletes from across Canada. They regularly meet to ensure they are bringing you the best opportunities at all their events. They have made some exciting announcements already such as @hardmagnum as title sponsor of the IFBB International Events Qualifier and the 20th Anniversary Kelowna Classic, and have more big announcements coming every day as more sponsors look to get on board.

Be sure to follow for upcoming videos that answer event related questions, sponsorship announcements and great marketing opportunities.

2019 is going to be an exciting year for the CBBF/IFBB and all affiliate regions. #cbbf #ifbb #ifbbelitepro #ieq2019 #teamcanada #ifbbinternational #bodybuilding #fitness #fortheathletes

There is no better way to spend the holidays then with those you love. I am blessed to have an amazing wife, @angela.ford14 and our baby girl Everly. This time of year is an opportunity to reflect on all the blessings we have received and experienced. I have had the opportunity to meet many of you in person and those I haven’t, I hope to meet in 2019. The new year will be exciting. I’m thrilled to be part of the fitness community and I will continue to do my best to lead with quality work and integrity. Happy holidays to you all from the Ford family. #happyholidays #merrychristmas #blessed #familyfirst

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas this season and all the best with your show prep for 2019. I’m excited to be co-promoting several events with @mtsinkorang. Definitely going to be good times!! Repost from @bcabbaonline - @davidfordfoto takes a moment to wish everyone happy holidays and talks a little about the exciting year coming up. David, along with business partner @mtsinkorang will be promoting the 2019 @hardmagnum 20th Anniversary Kelowna Classic on April 20th along with the @elitephysiquemagazine Fit Model Search Kelowna and on May 4th the big 2019 @hardmagnum IFBB International Events Qualifier. The Elite Physique Magazine Fit Model Search Canada will also be held on May 4th. Be sure to follow us here for more videos and information coming up from the promotions team about the events, the services and opportunities available to all competitors. #bcabba #teambc #ifbb #ifbbelitepro #cbbf #kelownaclassic #kelownaclassic2019 #natural #athlete #bodybuilding #fitness

I’m very excited to judge the 2019 EPM Fit Model Search Alberta alongside this fitness icon, @annette_milbers. Annette is one of Canada’s top fitness models of all time. It will be a pleasure and a lot of fun!! Repost from @albertabodybuildingassoc - @elitephysiquemagazine is excited to welcome Fitness Celebrity @annette_milbers to our esteemed judging panel for the 2019 EPM Fit Model Search Alberta. Annette has graced multiple covers and has been featured in many magazines and brings a keen eye for talent. She has worked alongside the industry’s top photographers for more than a decade directing and styling shoots. Athletes and models across Canada have the utmost respect for this fitness icon and we know she will have a lot of fun at the show in March. Welcome Annette!! #abba #alberta #model #modelsearch #fitnessmodel #bikinimodel #malemodel #health #fitness

@larrywheels is a beast!! Congratulations to the big guy on his Super League win this weekend. The weights this man throws around would blow your mind. If you haven’t watched the Super League yet, be sure to download the app and watch upcoming events! Safe travels back to NY Larry. #superleague #larrywheels #statusfitness

I have long respected the work of this photography legend @alexardenti. It was great to visit with him and talk shop and the industry today at City Athletic Club.

It was a pleasure to photograph @iamfindingfaith. I love the work they are doing for the Lord. If you haven’t heard their first single Good Hands, be sure to download it from your favourite music store. Keep up the awesome work!! #goodhands #faith #thereislove

It was a pleasure to photograph the EPM Fit Model Search Vancouver champion @zac_bruce after his big win. I have been in the industry a while and can appreciate those who lay the ground work for longevity in a sport they love. I see this in Zac and wish him all the best in his endeavours. Special thank you to @goldsgymburnaby for their continued hospitality. Repost from @elitephysiquemagazine - Elite Physique Magazine is excited to showcase our 2018 Vancouver Elite Physique Champion - @zac_bruce . The male division saw very tough competition so it was quite the honour for Zac to take home this title. What stood out about Zac? The judges felt his combination of stage presence and marketable good looks was enough to put him in first place.
As part of his prize package, Zac had the opportunity to photograph with world renown photographer @davidfordfoto and video with award winning team from @6weeksout at @goldsgymburnaby the day after his win. We will be showcasing photos and video from this shoot over the next several months. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
The next model search is the EPM Fit Model Search Alberta in Calgary on March 20th at the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino Event Centre. The next in BC will be the EPM Fit Model Search Kelowna on April 20th. The EPM Fit Model Search Canada will be held May 4th in North Vancouver.
For more information on the upcoming EPM Fit Model Searches, please continue to follow us. Please note, these events are open to all organizations and all levels of experience. #model #fitnessmodel #malemodel #fitness #elitephysiquemagazine #ifbb #ifbbelitepro

Coming home to the most incredible ladies makes every trip worthwhile. After an amazing week in Montreal, I’m back with my beautiful wife @angela.ford14 and my baby girl Everly-Monae - here in this photo. This is a pic we took on Canada Day this year. Everywhere we go she draws attention - and has a heart of gold. Beautiful, smart, athletic and daring. The responsibility to raise a strong girl is huge but a journey I was born for. Dada is proud of you sweetheart - every day!! If my responses are sometimes slower, you now know why. This girl takes priority and I do my best to stay technology free when I’m with her. #blackvikingbaby #mixedbabies #mixedgirl #dadasgirl #ppoc #professionalphotographersofcanada

I have received a lot of awards and recognition over the years but it was extra special to receive a Service of Excellence Award from the @bcabbaonline this past weekend. I have had the opportunity to work in a field I enjoy and I have always worked hard to bring media exposure to BC athletes since 2002 when I started working with BCABBA competitors. First with Oxygen magazine, then Musclemag, Status Fitness Magazine, CBBF Media and Elite Physique Magazine. I look forward to continuing my work across Canada to benefit those serious about building the strongest image possible. Thanks again Ross and the entire BCABBA team for the award. #blessed #bcabba #cbbf

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