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can't believe i was watching hans zimmer at coachella on laptop 2 weeks ago now he's here in front of me. all the musicians are beautiful. fucking lisa gerrard turned up in a giant coat to sing gladiator. holy shitballs #shitballs #gladiator #hanszimmer

Edit: FOUND! Safe and sound xxx

beautiful louis is missing in whangarei, new zealand, around vinegar hill (or beyond). got spooked and flew high. she's a beauty and very friendly - please keep an eye out & tag parrot lovers or whangarei locals. #missing #parrot #whangarei

in my country we love rugby and sheep #rugby #sheep

some sad news justin has died. it happened quickly and unsure what happened to the little guy. RIP justin #rip #justin

i really love this cat you can't tell in this picture but minnie is very LOUD. like, she screams when she sees you, she yowls when you scratch her face, she roars when u give her a big old pat #pat #loud #cat

i don't remember very much about this day but it was somewhere in poland and i was kinda before they blew up and acted in bad films, and ninja showed me a photo of his penis for some reason. they were super nice and funny. anyway it was in an old folder so here it is #dieantwoord #oldfolder

"there's more paradise in hell than we’ve been told" is a line that absolutely grabbed me by the throat

while my friend went away on a GLAMOROUS holiday i got to feed this NEEDY cat #cat #needy

sometimes i don't write about tickling i write about music i really like in the hope that you will like it too! i saw amelia murray play almost exactly a year ago, as @fazerdaze opened for a really special @liamfinn, @connanmockasin, @lawrence_arabia show. i turned to my friend and went "who the heck is this band they are great where have they been" and then i met the band and it's pretty much all made by this girl! i spent some time with her over the last year as she made her debut album morningside, and i wrote about some of that because sometimes life is about more than tickling ok. link in bio #bio #fazerdaze #nottickling

new story in bio. it's back to the tickling stuff again. #tickling #sorry

mum and dad have TWO eggies #eggies

lil' tripod. this guy is super shy on our street and missing a leg but if you sit down with him he flops over and wants pats #pats #cats

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