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David Doubilet  Photography has the power to celebrate, educate, honor and humiliate.


Recognizing shark awareness day, July 14th. Lemon sharks patrol beneath a calm surface at dusk in the Bahamas. The Bahamas were declared a shark sanctuary in 2014. Live sharks are a steady contributors to Bahamian environment and economy. Sharks have been systematically removed from our oceans around the world becoming ghosts in the sea. Conservation and education are key in their survival. // Photographed for @natgeo with @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @the_explorers_club // #ocean #shark #sunset #Bahamas #SharkAwarenessDay for #moreocean follow @daviddoubilet

Garden eels sway and feed in the swift current off Dumaguete, Philippines. These social creatures live in large colonies that extend great distances across the sand bottom. They creatures may look menacing but they are very shy and delicate and disappear the moment they detect your presence. This image was made with a remote camera set just at the edge of the colony. It took hours for the eels to feel safe enough to rise and feed near the new object in their midst. // photographed on my current @natgeo assignment with @jenniferhayesig Philippines, An Ocean Nation. // #Ocean #GardenEel #CoralTriangle #Philippines #Zen for #moreocean follow @daviddoubilet

Healthy Acropora corals compete for space and sunlight at Opal Reef on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Recent back to back years of extreme temperatures have caused coral bleaching events in 2016 and 2017, a process that caused corals to lose their symbiotic algae that live in their tissues providing nutrients and brilliant color. Some corals can survive bleaching events while others die. Back to back years have caused higher mortality due to extreme stress. // Photographed on @natgeo assignment for Great Barrier Reef: Fragile Empire. // @thephotosociety @the_explorers_club // #ocean #GreatBarrierReef #australia #climatechange For #moreocean Follow @jenniferhayesig And @daviddoubilet

Salute to fathers in the sea. A male cardinal fish carries a clutch of eggs in his mouth to protect them from predators in Dumaguete Philippines. This behavior is called "mouth brooding". The male will occasional exhale all of the eggs to aerate them and quickly inhale them back into the safety of his mouth. // Photographed on current assignment for @natgeo story Philippines, An Ocean Nation with @jenniferhayesig @thephotosociety // #ocean #fathersday #fathers #Philippines #CoralTriangle for #moreocean follow @jenniferhayesig and @daviddoubilet

Two tiger sharks circle a sperm whale carcass on the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns, Australia. Many shark encounters around the world involve attracting the sharks with bait. It is a rare and welcome encounter to meet these apex predators on their terms. We counted eight different tiger sharks feeding on this drifting carcass. Lesson quickly learned: never get between tiger sharks and their meal. They were gracious company until the current shifted pushing the whale toward our team. The tigers let us know they preferred us at the perimeter of the scene. Photographed for @natgeo story Great Barrier Reef, A Fragile Empire. * #Ocean #GreatBarrierReef #Shark #Predation #WorldOceansDay * For #MoreOcean follow @daviddoubilet with @blueoceanfilmfest

A rainbow colored school of anthias feed in the pulsing currents that gust like underwater winds through Verde Island Passage, Philippines. I am working on @natgeo assignment in this country I like to call the Ocean Nation that consists of + 7,000 islands. It is a place of extraordinary coral reefs, some under extraordinary pressure of trying to support +100 million people. Diving at Verde Island is like swimming through clouds of fish in a channel that is also one of the main shipping routes into Manila. The Philippines is a cornerstone of the coral triangle, a region of the Pacific known for its extreme marine biodiversity. // #ocean #coralreef #coraltriangle #rainbow #philippines for #moreocean follow @jenniferhayesig and @daviddoubilet

Hidden Doom. A small fish unknowingly drifts over a stargazer buried in the soft sediment bottom in Anilao Philippines. Stargazers are ambush predators that bury themselves in the sand and wait for unsuspecting prey to pass overhead. This image was taken at night with underwater lights that exposed the prey so I moved on not wanting to "cause" the predation. From @natgeo assignment: Ocean Nation Philippines #ocean #Philippines #CoralTriangle #OceanNationPhilippines #predation #stargazer for #moreocean follow our assignment @jenniferhayesig and @daviddoubilet

Hello! A very curious and playful juvenile beluga whale investigates my camera in the Saguenay-St.Lawrence Marine Park near Tadoussac Quebec. These magnificent gentle creatures called the canaries in the sea burble, chirp and squeak creating a symphony of sound that makes you just stop and listen. If you are lucky they will swim up to you to share their story. Beluga whales are one of 13 species that call the St. Lawrence home and they are in trouble. Their numbers have plunged to below 1000 whales due to high infant mortality. Scientists are working feverishly to determine the cause. Photographed on assignment for @natgeo story the Generous Gulf. With @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ocean #stlawrence #beluga #belugawhale #baby #kiss #extreme #followme for #moreocean @jenniferhayesig and @daviddoubilet

A gallery of life on the Great Barrier Reef. The late largest most iconic coral reef system may be located in Queensland Australia but it really belongs to the world. When I was a kid the Great Barrier was the first reef on my radar of imagination. Today the worlds largest coral reef is literally in hot water. Sequential coral bleaching events in 2016 & 2017 have affected 900+ miles of the 1400 mile long structure. Thermal stress causes the coral polyp to lose its symbiotic algae that provide color and supplemental nutrients. Unprecedented back to back bleaching have left this great reef with little time to recover and struggling to survive. These images were photographed on assignment with @natgeo available at @natgeocreative natgeocreative #ocean #coralreef #greatbarrierreef #climatechange #followme for #moreocean @jenniferhayesig and @daviddoubilet

An American crocodile patrols the mangrove channels of Gardens of the Queen National Park Cuba. The crocodile rested on the seagrass covered bottom of the channel for minutes at a time and then rose slowly to take a breath of air and returned to the bottom to sleep again. Crocodiles are called the engineers of the mangroves because their movements create and maintain channels that enhance circulation of water and nutrients through the dense roots systems. Photographed on assignment for @natgeo Cubas Underwater Jewels in the Path of Tourism. To view a video of working with this crocodile see @natgeo With @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #ocean #cuba #crocodile #predator #extreme #followme for #moreocean @jenniferhayesig and @daviddoubilet

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