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- j🌟| 19.2k  'aw dude what a meaningful post. so mushy ur gross' - Liza fucking Koshy to me 26/6/17

Hey i realised I can't edit so in the mean time enjoy this video of Liza twerking on David, thanks for 20k :)

Would you guys mind if I made a Scotty and Kristen edit (for my 20k edit eek) ??


davids cute but alex is the true hunk of the vlogs -
tag him? @ernst
dt; @soberhijazi bc they're my new actual fav editor omg
ac: cosmicedge
#ernst #vsoceans #ytgrp2

Me too David

Hi hello I'm making a bday edit for David, if u wanna send me a video of u saying happy birthday David or something I'd rly appreciate it (sorry I couldn't think of anything different but I ran out of time to think of something so we're doing this:))

What kind of shit do you guys want me to post? Like edits, textposts, memes, random screenshots like this or what?

"David Dobrik's mom"

Sike I'm 45

Issa joke ma dudes don't come for me lmao

in case you forgot how hot david is
dt; @lizakoshi she's one of the main reasons I wanted vs shdmdj
tag @daviddobrik ?
#daviddobrik #vsoceans #ytgrp2

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