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DavidBurnettFoto  join Ken and I for a great workshop this summer in Montana https://preview.tinyurl.com/ybo7h8ze

Dedicated in the 1920s, the American memorial tower in Montfaucon, France just west of Verdun, marks the spot where there was a horrific battle between German and French troops —- and once the American “Sammies”, as the GIs were known by the French, entered the battle, Montfaucon was liberated in Sept 1918 after four years of occupation. As with most old tower structures you have to walk the 12 stories to get to the top(180’), but as you do with every level, every layer, there is something cool to see before you reach the summit. #thegreatwar #montfaucon

Standing stoically in the light rain showers, a French trumpeteer awaits the moment at the Meuse Argonne (France) American cemetery Memorial Day service to play taps.

To stand at the Meuse Argonne American cemetery - with 14,000 memorial stones from the battle of the Argonne in 1918, just 100 years ago - you just wonder what might their lives have been had there been no Great War. There was a flyover of 4 F-15 fighter jets — low and loud and slow they passed, and when one of the planes broke off in a missing man formation,there were in that moment, many lumps in many throats.

In the year of the 100th anniversary of the last year of World War I there are a number of commemorations in Europe. Today was the rededication of the monument dedicated to the American 1st Division- the Big Red One. The Battle of Cantigny was the first major engagement of American troops. The 1st Div. colorguard wore period uniforms - wool (in the heat) and typical 1918 - headgear. #bigredone #battleofcantigny #tintypeapp (c)2018 David Burnett/Contact

A view of the marina on a rainy day from Capt. Jakes, on the Newburgh waterfront. And looking through the rainy windows sheltering us from the outside something like an impressionist painting popped into my head. The boats, the water, the raindrops – you get the idea. That cod sandwich tasted mighty damn good.

Rain? Newburgh? Yes on both counts

My Miata is crowded out of the garage, so I keep it covered, with a couple of fireplace-logs to keep the cover in place. The canvas over the hood looks like it could have been entered for an “end of semester” art project. #miata

I’ve received those buzzing alerts on my fone before, advising of impending storms. But I missed the one in Newburgh this Tuesday which portended a bad ass tornado which cut a swath through the city, and across my own neighborhood. I got away with one big tree down, not on the house, thankfully, but neighbors and friends suffered some serious damage. When you see a 9 foot across swath of tree roots, having been pulled like a ripe radish out of the ground, you understand the power of the storm.

join Ken Jarecke and me for a great week of ‘seeing’ in Montana. Pictures are everywhere. You just have to know how to Look. Check this link—

come join Ken Jarecke and myself for a great week of photography in Big Sk(EYE) country this summer. It’s all about the Seeing.


In honor of Earth Day today, I am posting a picture shot about 10 minutes ago by my friend from Photographers for Hope, Anna Wang, of me with my favorite Newburgh tree.

"Point of personal privilege!" as they say in the House of Commons (well, they SHOULD say it, even if they don’t…) I have been going on and on about the veritable renaissance going on in my equipment cabinet with the new Sony cameras (#a7Riii in this case)… (Editor’s note: we will NOT be doing a billboard with this selfie… but we easily could if need be…) 40 megapixel files that are gorgeous, and I’m going through my old, yes, vintage, glass to see what will and won’t cut it in the 3rd generation of digital cameras. (I think its the 3rd, but I might have missed something.) This was shot with the fabulous 50mm/1.2L redline Canon (manual focus) lens at arms length, the same lens I used on a T-90 while lurking in Mikhail Gorbachev's office, pretending to put my cameras back in the bag after a TIME Magazine interview. I shuffled gear in and out of the Domke bag, and waited for him to sit at his desk. They were the first pictures of him in his private office, at work… Once he sat down and started going through some papers, I blasted ten frames of KODA 200 with this lens wide open. Then I smiled and put the cameras in the bag for real. That “Redline” always did the job. It reminded you that you could spend your life with only a 50mm lens, and do perfectly well. You could have a portrait studio with only this lens. You could search for ‘decisive moments’ in the street with this lens. So awesome that the a7Riii has given it a whole new life, and reason to be. So far my only issue with the camera is that I’m using super slow SD cards, and they take forever to write these 120 meg files. I guess I better upgrade.

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