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We are getting there! Excited to be back flipping and in shape on my road to Tokyo #diving #progress #tokyo2020

In 2009, a year after I made my first Olympic team, I sat in my college bedroom thinking “is this all life has to offer? If so, I don’t want to be here.” I had achieved success which the world told me would bring me happiness yet I was deep into depression and contemplating suicide. The thought spooked me. I knew I needed help. So I began to reach out. I began to find and see purpose for my life. •
If you’re in the same place I was, please reach out to someone. No achievement, no earthly relationship, no amount of money in your bank account, whatever it is, will completely satisfy you. Don’t believe the lie. •
@m_phelps00 in the worlds eye “has it all” and yet boldly and unapologetically admits his struggle and his need for help like I did/do. • There is freedom from your depression and struggle. It may not ever go away but by reaching out and finding help you can fight it. #depression #suicide #struggle #purpose #reachout #freedom @mentalhealthamerica

Finally completed our sitting area in our bedroom! Those chairs have had a lot of conversations, mostly with our 4 year old 🤣 #homedecor #modern #design #homeideas @allmodern @cb2 @ikeausa @target

Saturday morning fun with Koda 🐻 - she’s going to be my little daredevil! #olympicsport #daddydaughter #trampoline #saturdayvibes #fliporflop #likedaddylikedaughter

Family reunion on my wife’s side last night means lots of food, 16+ little kids running around and games! Would love to hear what kind of games you play @ your family get together???! #family #familygoals #games #food #familyreunion

Another home run from my babe! Caramelize Grape Chicken Skews ~ This dish is super easy to make and it’s a perfect combination

Ingredients: chicken + grapes + bacon + onion
Chicken marinade: lemon juice + parsley + olive oil + garlic
#food #recipes #healthyfood @whole30recipes inspired by @jaegirl24, made by @brandso

I don’t love reading. Rarely is that the first thing on my task list to do. It seemed like a chore. Really the only reasons why I read.......... 1. I need to grow in something
2. I need to learn something
3. It’s “required”

So my wife recommend I take a step back for a moment from reading all “business” books and pick up something that is entertaining. She recommended I read a book series that she read in high school (yes, laugh - just a little!) called The Circle by @teddekker and I can tell you I’ve never wanted to read before starting these books. It’s got to the point where now, that’s what I want to do. All the time? No. But I now enjoy doing it! #growing #bookrecommendations #read @harpercollinsus @thomasnelson

Melts my ❤️ , sweet time with my Koda Bear last night. Dads, date your daughters! Make them feel special. Talk them about their dreams. Talk to them about their fears. Ask them what they like, what they are scared of... pursue them! Show them what it looks like to be loved. #daddydaughterdate #datenight

Another of year of lake trip @ Dale Hollow in the books! It’s fun seeing my girls grow up, getting to see them build quality relationships with their extended family and be uncomfortable to try new things. also... ice cream runs! ❤️ making these special memories #dalehollow #laketrip #summer #icecream #swimming #family

Part of preseason training means getting stronger. A lot of what divers need are explosive and powerful legs and a strong core. We typically lift heavy in those areas and strive for a good foundation followed by maintenance on our upper body (mainly triceps, shoulders, traps). Had a lot of feedback of wanting our Monday lift posted.This workout in particular focuses on heavy volume for leg strength! Some exercises are missing (mainly core) but I’ve saved it in my stories. Hope it helps! #workout #lifting #weighttraining #workoutroutine #tokyo2020 #diving 🎥: @morgan_meixner @joey_cifelli @steele_johnson

Same Dream #Tokyo2020

22 years ago I remember watching athletes step up on the middle podium and hearing their national anthem play as their flag rose. I dreamed of having that opportunity. Fast forward 16 years, after many high highs and low lows, I stepped up on the middle podium with the stars and strips raising as I heard our national anthem play - however what I learned in those 16 years of dreaming was that work that had to be done and I never would have been able to accomplish becoming an Olympic Champion by myself. Today is a special day where I get to remember all the people that helped me achieve this dream and also use it as fuel for the next two years as I approach Tokyo 2020

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