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That one time I beat up @lorenzopozzan 🥊

When I do the hairs, I do them at @hairstorystudio ✂️ I am taking haircut appointments tomorrow and I have a few more spaces after 4pm. Tag a friend who should come see me! 🏷 DM 4 DEETZ #haircut #nychairstylist #hairstory

Good morning #nyc

This time of year gives me a lot of anxiety. The holidays were never a really great time for me growing up. I find as I get older I start to avoid them, and distance myself from anything traditional.
Ironically, as a Kabbalah student, I spend most of my time connecting to so many holidays and creating new traditions around them. As a #pisces I constantly look for magic in something. Whether it’s relationships, holidays, or music - I find myself searching for that magic.
Studying Kabbalah has given me the road map to find the magic within the holidays. Understanding that certain holidays are windows in time that we can draw light and energy from.
Now, instead of anxiety, I feel excitement for these approaching windows. Chanukah is coming up! My favorite holiday! It’s magic is tangible and powerful, the light of Chanukah is a revelation of concealed light. Giving us the energy we need to tap into our potential for the whole year. The energy around Chanukah is simple light, because the light is simple. 💡 #chagsameach #kabbalah

Today is the new moon of Sagittarius. A 24 hour period where we can plant seeds to harvest miracles in the next 30 days.
As Kabbalists we do not spend our time connecting to the moon, until a new moon. The moon is a vessel, like us. It shines only from what the sun gives to it. We, as vessels, shine only from the light we draw into ourselves through our actions.
Each month brings with it new energy. Gifts and garbage for all of us. Being conscious of the new moon or “no moon” allows us to plant seeds during a state of potential. The beginning of the month brings us to an embryonic state in which we can rewrite our destiny.
Sagittarius is the month of miracles and the miracles we receive are determined by the vessel we have. Acts of sharing and overcoming our ego grow our vessel while reactivity and selfishness shrink our vessel. The universe is making a list and checking it twice and is determining who will receive coal and who will receive miracles. In the next 24 hours do an act of sharing that is out of your comfort zone to connect to the energy of miracles for this month, chodesh tov! ⭐️

@wabisabibeauty gave me all the plant vibes !



Today’s #mood. Hair for @ellefinland with an amazing team!
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