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David Avellan  πŸ₯‰ ADCC 2009 Bronze medalist and 5xVet ☣️ Creator of the #KimuraTrap πŸ“© Message me for info about Seminars πŸ‘€ Watch full videos on my site:


Finished up my Kimura Trap System seminar at @maxercise_academy - despite the travel Gods cancelling my flight and delaying it 5 times, lol!

Forgot to get a group pic, but thank you all for your patience, and special thanks to @phillybjj for bringing me out here to teach your wonderful students. Plus, I had a nice meal with everyone pictured here. Good times. #bjj #jiujitsu #kimura #kimuratrap #seminar #travel #philly #philadelphia #mma

27oz prime dry aged ribeye with homemade mashed potatoes and fresh baked potato bread. #steakandpotatoes #food #primebeef #cooking #baking #homemade #goodeats #steak #steakdinner

Got some good rolls in with @petemartinmma and @dj_actionjackson on a Sunday evening in my garage dojo! It was the ceremonial first roll for the mats in Vegas, and it was hot and sweaty! DJ will be ready for @f2wpro next weekend in Pittsburgh!

Tomorrow I will be at @maxercise_academy for my Kimura Trap System seminar. #garagedojo #f2wpro #sundayrolls #bjj #mma #wrestling #martialarts #goodtimes

#kimuratrap to arm bar by @chitoveraufc πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ As UFC catches on to how effective it is, we will be seeing more of it. Thanks for the video @fanufcecuador

Tag a friend who keeps falling into your submission traps like this clueless devil...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ When @specimensoares rolled with me for the first time, he got caught 8 times in 3 minutes with Kimura Traps - all the same setup. I had a goofy smile like this fellow did in the video.Β πŸ˜„
But after teaching him the Kimura Trap System, now he is a beast with them and I have to be careful! So make sure you know the Kimura Trap System by visiting: KimuraTrap.com

Back at @drysdalejiujitsu for another cradle attack! If you find yourself stuck on top side control with nothing going on, the cradle might be the solution to your problems.

I have been inspired as of late to use the cradle more often, as I have some new variations from @robertdrysdalejj on the cradle. So I have been exploring the concept more and more to see what I can come up with. So check out this cradle attack from side mount. It can give you an arm bar or a back mount depending on your opponents reaction.

A shout out to catch wrestling master @neilmelansonmma for the back control grip switch, which makes the back transition off the cradle much smoother. Share your comments and see the full video on my blog (link in profile page)

I love it when people let me know that my knowledge has had a positive impact. πŸ‘

Rhys Mathews sent me this video thanking me for the #kimuratrap with a nice Kimura from bottom half guard. Persistence pays off once again as he secures the win. Thanks for sharing!Β πŸ‘

Tuesday 5:30pm no gi class at @drysdalejiujitsu is popping. We have been covering attacking the back with what I call my Back Trap System. Every one here picking it up great. πŸ‘

Being in the martial arts for about 22 years now, I have done all sorts of stretching routines and massage therapies with good success. However, it takes a good amount of time and consistency to get results, which is true for most things in life.

Having recently hurt me knee, my girlfriend suggested that I try her new physical therapist. I was a bit reluctant, so I waited a few days for my knee to not be so tender so I could give it a shot.

Fast forward 30 minutes into the session, and I experienced the most dramatic body change I have ever felt in my life. That sensation has persisted for over 4 days now.
I feel as a public service I should give a shout out and make you aware of this therapy. It is called Fascial Stretch Therapy. Here is the skinny on what this means: "Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and invests all structures of the body. The problem is that fascia will thicken & shorten when any of your tissues are under stress from poor posture, lack of exercise, injury, surgery, disease or over-training. While many therapies can help these conditions, only Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) can completely treat inflexible fascia at the deepest level – your joint capsule. After we help make all of your layers of fascia become more pliable and hydrated – then joint range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility immediately improves making it easier for you to train and maintain." This was an eye opener for me. I have heard of fascia before, but I never really understood the role it played or the significance it can have on your movement. Check out my blog (link in my profile) for more details about it and where you can find a FST therapist near you.

I heard Gunnar Nelson briefly mentioned eye pokes, but after watching this video, holy crap! The amount of eye pokes within 1 minute is absurd! Whether this was intentional or not (I have to say it looks intentional), this fight should be changed to a No Contest.
I don't think most people understand the amount of damage an eye poke can do. It is one thing to be eye poked during a basketball game, which is more just a reaching finger grazing the eye ball, which in itself can be very bad. These are full fledged punches with extended fingers.
I have had very tough fighters that became helpless after eye pokes in the gym. One of them got eye gouged (accidentally) so bad that he collapsed to the floor and went into shock, vomited, and went into spasms for about a minute. You might think that he lost an eye ball or needed surgery with something like that. But nope, he had no long term eye damage, just had to sleep it off.
I can tell you a lot of stories like that. Eye gouging is such a debilitating technique that cannot be walked off within 5 minutes. Even losing a point is not enough to level the playing field. No fighter wants to stop fighting once in the cage, even if he is impaired by an illegal blow. So most guys will never back down even if they should.
I understand in some situations it will happen, like someone sprawling or trying to push someone away in a clinch and the hand travels to the face. But this was not that. He was in striking distance throwing "punches" with open hands. And when he was up close he seemed to be looking to gouge both eyes to blind him. I think maybe even a DQ would be justifable now after reviewing the video.
What do you think? Am I off base here? What should happen now?

@tazagarami shows an incredible amount of patience and skill in this beautiful kimura sequence. He starts off right away with the Kimura against an open half and steps over hard. Looked like he almost had it there, but the opponent defended and then he switched sides on the Kimura. This is where patience played a factor. With the superior positioning, he was able to slowly advance to a kimura trap to the back. Then he transitioned to a wrist lock, and finally the arm bar finish.

That's why systems are important. It is clear he has done that sequence many times before, while it was probably his opponent's first time being attacked that way. Very slick and nicely done sir!

Thanks to @showtheartx for tagging me πŸ‘#kimuratrap #kimura #bjj #mma #jiujitsu #martialarts #grappling

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