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My pretty lady @emma_nuelle_music soaking it up.

Back out on the Firth of Clyde yesterday filming content for Flamingo Yacht Charter's new promo film when this friendly little dolphin popped up to say hello. First time I've seen one in the wild never mind watched it swim a metre away from me. Thanks to Rup from @munroagency for grabbing some excellent BTS stuff. Unbelievably lucky to get such good weather for it too. Filming 120FPS with the @sonyalpha A7Sii with @canonuk 28-70 2.8 (thanks Ross).

Spent the last 4 hours skipping around the Firth of Clyde on a rubber dingy photographing yachts for Flamingo Yacht Charter. Pretty soaked, but got some dynamite shots. Ready for a pint.

Last one (for now) from short film #tildeath2017 - this was one of the last scenes we shot and captures a pretty brutal encounter between Matt and Liam. Shot on a particularly standard Scottish February day, we were fighting the wind and rain as best we could. Shot on @sonyalpha A7Sii on @samyanglensglobal 35mm 1.5. Natural light.

Another still from #tildeath2017 - Matt and Amanda are about to make their uninvited entrance to a party. This was a tiny scene in the film, but probably one of the most crucial. We spent a fair bit of time getting the lighting exactly how we wanted by first blue gelling over the existing tungsten lights that were in the hallway. We then brought a blue gel LED in overhead to bring some contrast in and finally used a Blindspot Gear Scorpion LED with red gel to bring some more drama to the background. Working on this film was a huge lesson for me in terms of lighting a scene and considering more than just the subject. Filmed on @sonyalpha A7Sii with #samyang 85mm 1.5.

Another still from #tildeath2017 . We shot this scene in a tiny back alley in Paisley that I've wanted to use my whole life. Really nice ambient light to take advantage of. We painted in some more colour with a blue LED and a red Blindspot Gear Scorpion LED. This was a really nice encounter scene to film. Filming on @sonyalpha A7Sii with @samyanglensglobal 85mm 1.5 at 2.0.

Delighted to share some of the stills from #tildeath2017 - we've put a lot of work into this production and we hope that it shows. Lead characters Amanda (@hiffyq) and Matt (@one23willy) share and intense moment in their getaway car. Shot on @sonyalpha A7Sii with @samyanglensglobal 50mm 1.5. The A7Sii was living up to its reputation on this project, as the low light capabilities were incredible. Ambient lighting from the car and background, filled with blue LED.

From last night with the #tildeath2017 team in Paisley. We are so close to finishing. Always knew this location would be of use down the line!

Friday night date with @emma_nuelle_music #muse

Assuming the position over @one23willy shooting for @lewisjsmithfilm - nearing the final scenes of #tildeath2017 . Fight scenes like today's are great fun. Thank @staceyclarke__ for the photo!

I've been having the best birthday with my girl. Thank you @emma_nuelle_music for being the best wee thing in the world. Off to eat noodles at @ramendayo then to watch Logan.

Just woke up to @emma_nuelle_music gliding into the bedroom holding a box of presents and a birthday cake! Thank you babe! 😘🐻

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