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David Mazouz  And for what? Maybe it’s because i kick so much butt 🔫 Gotham 🦇

#blacktourmaline in a phone case that sticks to glass. #batman has all the best gadgets. drops @amazon November 6th from @gooeyhq

Happy Halloween from Bert California @rainnwilson

Here we go!!!! Get ready 🦇 ・・・
We're not ready to part ways with #Gotham just yet... Don't miss the premiere of the Final Season January 3. 🦇🃏🌆🚔🐧❓

I need more friends from LA to visit. Step up your game homies 🤷🏽‍♀️

Wowowowowoowwowowowoow. 500k. I freaking love you guys. Thank you for caring enough about my dumb pictures and snarky comments to get me to half a million. It is an amazing feeling to know there are people out there that support me. Thank you for giving me that. Love love love to you all 🤪🤩🤩🤩

Ol’ screwface at the #nyrangers I freaking love these guys

Great night. #rideoffame happy birthday Mom !!

Remembering good old bat cave wire days

Finding out @c.syresmith and j cole are touring together 🤯

I know I stole this but it’s too important to not share. Never forget.

She finally has her own account. Follow if she’s a good a girl: @superstarlit

Sneakin up on the haters