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David Mazouz  And for what? Maybe it’s because i kick so much butt 🔫 Gotham 🦇

I know I stole this but it’s too important to not share. Never forget.

She finally has her own account. Follow if she’s a good a girl: @superstarlit

Sneakin up on the haters

#fbf to when I ALMOST met @zacharylevi twice. Thanks Jason for trying #sdcc18

I’m boutta fly away. Thanks @davidbendavid

Crazy energy is rubbing off on me!!
Una locura !!!! @davidamazouz se puso a bailar con nosotros y el gran DJ de @radioalfaec !!!! Que energía la de @comicconecuador !!! #ccec2018 #gotam #guayaquilesmidestino #comicconecuador

These fans. When I heard the sound of THESE AWESOME fans chanting “DAVID-DAVID” (after they were corrected from pronouncing it “day-vid”) it was an indescribable feeling that came over me. I seriously cannot believe it. I am inexplicably grateful that my dream of entertaining has turned into this. To anyone who has watched something I’ve been in, came and met me at a convention, tweeted at me, or supported me or my career in any way: thank you. It is for you I want to work harder and harder still. I love you with everything I have and if I ever Get out of line, let me know. And to Ecuador: your passion will never cease to amaze (and exhaust) me. You guys are the OG.

It’s an animated me!!! Thanks #ecuador #comicconecuador for having me. Can’t wait for this weekend 🤩😝

In this not-so-beautiful place exists this amazing woman with this magnificent voice. Life is full of everything. Does anyone know who this is?

Text BRAKE to 38383. You‘ll get tips on how to protect your friends while driving AND a chance to win a $5000 scholarship!!! This video was so much fun to make. I hope you enjoy this BTS (also check out the link in my bio)

When you go into the “Employees Only” section of the store looking for a bathroom @dannyjohncannon ・・・
#gothamseason5 @davidamazouz

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