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David Mazouz  And for what? Maybe it’s because i kick so much butt 🔫 Gotham 🦇

I couldn’t think of a caption but instead of just not putting one, because that’s annoyingly mysterious, I wanted to tell you all about it.

Ok guys we need to stay safe on the road. I partnered up @chevrolet and @dosomething for a road safety campaign. If you drive or know someone who drives or if you have ever been in a car, please sign up. Road safety is not only up to the driver but also passengers and pedestrians. Also let me know which of these personas is most like you ! You can sign up for Brake It Down here: http://bit.ly/2NwDHA2. LONG VERSION IN BIO

Haha just found this. Like if you know what scene this is from.

Pay It Forward with me and @BestFriendsAnimalSociety to send 10,000 pets home by July 4! (link in bio)


I am so honored #gotham and I are among a list of people and shows I admire so much. Thank you @teenchoicefox

This is me saying 🖕to finals studying

Two of these amazing people share a birthday and it is today. @seanpertwee @robinlordtaylor you guys are the real life superheroes. 👊

My Inner biggie. I actually got this inflatable crown from a fan (@sarasvegliaepriimavera ) at #hvfflondon and when she gave it to me i was so happy i momentarily regressed to a three year old getting a birthday present. and on that note thank you guys so so much for your support. Some of you brought me some of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received and we had never even met before. One girl came up to me ( @haverty.catherine ) and gave me a cluedo rick and morty game and I got so freaking excited to play it and after a moment of childish celebration I asked her, incredulously, “ but wait how did you even know I liked rick and morty” and she said, “ what do you mean? Everyone knows you love rick and morty it’s just a thing”. I was beyond touched. Thank you all again

Anybody at #hvfflondon see themselves ????

Yo londonites. This weekend it’s a party

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