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David Alvarado  Unemployable riff raff

Newsflash: baby moose are cute and small. These critters get so tall when they are adults and this young lady is the size of a small deer.

Cold brew coffee over mammoth bones courtesy of Lauren DeFilippo!

George Church at the edge of the world

Apollo astronaut Rusty Schweickart was one of our best interviews yet! You have to appreciate a good “there was this one time in space” stories

Shooting with the amazing voice (and face) of actor/narrator Peter Coyote. No need to say he really nailed the lines first time around

Thanks to Jason Sussberg, I’ve got a flask for my bike! Very convenient.

Very cool shoot in London yesterday with legendary musician Brian Eno. This guys is a true artist, his music is really only a part of what’s so interesting about him.

Astronaut in OKC

Florida princess! Hanging out at the old barn.

I sure do like a public Christmas tree!!!

One of only three known original whole earth catalogues. Pretty cool!

Next up Kevin Kelly, Co founder of WIRED magazine!

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