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Join me for one last historic photo workshop blast in my New York loft. Yes alas the Kibbutz loft is over. Home of many artists including at one time or another 8 Magnum photographers. So this building definitely has the vibes. Yet goodbye it is. So if you've ever thought about immersing yourself in one of my New York workshops, now is the time. The only time. See link in profile. This class is for advanced photographers. Portfolio review and FaceTime interview required. For almost all of my workshops the last few years I'm working and teaching and teaching and working. To the advantage of my students. When I am in the middle of a project it's just a really good time for serious photographers to learn first hand. I'm shooting right up til the end the Kibbutz for a potential book. We've got plenty of wall space to get your best day by day work up and I'll do the same. This might be the end of the loft, yet the beginning for emerging photographers to launch. I bring in the best in the biz, both editors and photographers, to join in daily critique. Final show and fiesta? Ha! What do you think? We will roll out in style of course. See link in my IG profile .

Sunset selfie. Outer Banks NC . 7-22-17. For the next few weeks I am shooting on commission at home. Not necessarily on my front porch as here, yet a general daily diary of life around me. It's hot it's summer and to be lazy is my instinct. Certainly as can't move ride my bike go swimming as I ever get. As close to sliding back to boyhood as I can be. I fell in love with photography not far from here at age 12 and basically shot only around home then. I had no choice at 12, and dreamed of far away shores. Now when I am far away, I dream of being here. I think both dreams are an integral part of my work. Giving others the key to a creative life is one of the things I do with gusto. We did two full on workshops here this spring. Just the perfect mood. Great students. This fall I'll get off this porch and head for my last New York workshop. Well the last in the famed Kibbutz. Also home for the last 12 years and also a book subject I'm shooting. So any serious photographer who feels a workshop experience with me would advance their career or work, would I think be wise to think about the last blast in the Kibbutz. Anyone who knows about or has been to one of my NYC classes knows this final hurrah will be an event to remember. All of my ex students are of course invited to the final show and fiesta which will be well super special. Stay tuned IG TODAY for an announcement about New York. #fujixt2

Surf caster fisherman. Nags Head . 7-17 This seagull is trying to steal the fisherman's cut fish bait as he puts it on the hook

Simone. In her element. Mother of my other two cats, yet now gone. No idea what happened to her yet as a free range cat, she faced various enemies. Coyotes, foxes, cars, and maybe summer thieves. Simone walked up onto my porch as a stray kitten on the 4th of July maybe 7 years ago. Had 4 kittens of her own in one of my upstairs bedrooms. All of us lose pets all the time, yet I'll surely miss this one. Simone and her 4 sons always loved hikes in the dunes. Seen many times here on IG. Two of her sons still with me, one of them "Ditto" looking just like her. This was my last video of Simone a few days ago. ❤️🎈

Nags Head NC 7-19-17. #fujigfx

Nags Head NC 7-17 #fujixt2

The Bodie Island lighthouse has been a continuous beacon since 1872. 3,000 ships have sunk off these shores in the Outer Banks of NC. Look at a map and you will see why. Cargo ship captains sailing from New York to Charleston for example could save a day by routing as close to the Carolina coast as possible. With good weather yea that works . But storms come up fast here OBX. A strong NW wind would blow ships right up on the shallow shoals. What I can't get my head around is that after the first 100 ships or so sunk here, how in hell do you get 2,900 more captains to give it a shot and go down ? What were they thinking? Don't people learn from history and knowledge ? Hmmm, well sadly we know the answer. Lighthouses on both US coasts at least gave boat captains a reference point. The earliest residents here were lighthouse keepers, their families, and Coast Guard men who at least tried to rescue some of the men who lost their ship. Nobody else lived here because it was considered uninhabitable. Later land was given away free here to those who would homestead. It's not free anymore. Still the 35,000 full time residents of the Outer Banks are almost as crazy as the wayward sea captains. A category 5 hurricane would wipe us off the map. A category 3 would even do a pretty good job. It's hurricane season now. It's a beautiful day here. Yet having stuck it out here for a couple of category 2 hurricanes I know things can go real bad real fast. Yet like the sea captains of yesteryear, I think I'll be ok. Rising sea levels combined with the natural evolution of these barrier islands has marine geologists predicting our demise sooner rather than later. I live about 7 feet above sea level. Not much margin. Cutting it close. Yet working the edges is where I like to be anyway. Were I a sea captain I'm sure I'd be one of those who tried to cut it close. After all, many of them did make it to Charleston and drank a cold beer with cargo intact. Besides the Bodie light has been beaming for 150 years. So I take my chances. I'm taking pictures of it all. So in 150 years somebody can say "what was he thinking?"

Kites on the dune 7-17

Avalon Fishing pier parking lot. Outer Banks NC 7-16-17 #fujixt2

Rain on my darkroom screen door. Outer Banks NC 7-17-17 #fujixt2

Mi amiga Alejandra Martínez is visiting from Tamaulipas, Mexico. She's a lawyer by trade, but check her photos @ale_jandram . I'm just testing the b&w on my Fuji GFX medium format. This is my first picture w this camera and I didn't leave my chair. I have not shot prior any medium format digi, yet have shot lots of medium format film in the Australian outback, NASCAR auto racing, and on my American Family series. I can't help but love the creamy look. Sometimes I use a tripod w medium format but usually hand held. There is usually a bit of formality when using any larger camera. All types of cameras make you do different things. When on a jammed dance floor and the beer is flying, I've got a small camera or my iPhone. For portraits and landscapes and some street photography, the medium format look can take your breath away. Ok yes I'll move off my front porch. My bike is my fave mode of transpo in summer. Besides my old beat up truck has starter problems. Get a new truck? Nope. A new truck wouldn't look right w my old beat up house ha! Ok I'm going to shoot. The truly lucky thing for me and it's a miracle is that I love shooting after all this time. Even the pressure of an assignment makes me relax. Zen mode. Of course I'm the type who can't tie my shoes right, nor figure out what's wrong w my printer. So I live in a fantasy world that drives those around me crazy. Ha ha I try to get them over to my side of the line! A gentle sea breeze flows across the dunes. The smell of summer. #fujigfx

Nags Head NC . Pamlico Sound marsh. 7-15-17 #fujigfx

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