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Skaters in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This skate and swimming pool is in La Perla , a unique neighborhood right on the oceanfront of Old San Juan, and slammed hard this week by hurricane Maria. I'm pretty sure this recreational icon no longer exists. Hard to imagine it could survive the storm surge. You can see it's right on the water. Not having a skate bowl anymore is of course the least of San Juan's worries at the moment of course, yet I'm publishing this week my photos from both PR and Mexico of everyday life. We can see the current apocalyptic horror on tv and social media. Awareness now is most important so aid can come. Why show everyday life when power is out, flooding , and houses ripped to shreds? My work has never been about current events but about seeing who lives in these places of either political turmoil or natural destruction. The kids in this picture are WHO have been affected. I remember this day well in 2015. A beautiful afternoon. Music blared. Laughter all around. My family was with me and it was just one of those most joyous moments when we the outsiders got a feel for the mood and spirit of the residents of La Perla. About skateboarding? No. About connecting. About connecting with people who have a different culture, history, and lifestyle. If I had never immersed myself in the daily life of Puerto Rico, then maybe I would be like many who watch in horror, yet maybe then flip the channel or tap the screen to another topic. So my job has always been to "sensitize" people to other people. I know photographers cannot save the world. Yet maybe we can save or help one person . Make a difference to one family. Change the vote of one senator. Puerto Rico is not a little island on the map. It is beloved home to 4 million people. These kids deserve another moment like this one. Flying in the sun. Wind in their hair. Kicking out at the top. Free.

Oaxaca, Mexico. Street fiesta band. My first out of the US assignment for NatGeo was to dig into the Maya culture in Yucatán and Chiapas. That led to years of working in Mexico mostly in the indigenous regions. Bands like this are everywhere all the time since there are dozens of fiestas everywhere all the time. There is nothing like a Mexican street band. Usually part of a small callejoneada walking around a town with everyone following. Just makes you feel good. Now people are crying. Loved ones lost. Such a beautiful country yet often shaken by earthquakes as now. Most not fatal, yet sometimes horrific. I've spent my morning texting with my friends in México City all of whom are out in the streets trying to help with rescue and cleanup efforts. I've seen some amazing heart wrenching rescue videos. Tragedies like this bring out the best in human nature. A common will to help. I'm working on a plan to do my bit. Everybody should find a way. The death toll is rising by the hour. Yet the music won't stop. It can't. It's an integral part of the cultural fabric. El alma.

Retro from my book "Divided Soul" of San Juan, Puerto Rico. I will in the next couple of days publish work from both Puerto Rico and Mexico. Both places suffering now from epic natural disasters. My heart goes out to my friends and their families in both countries who are suffering so deeply right now. I've been a welcomed guest in both places for extended periods of time from long ago until the present. Warm cultures to be sure and absolutely my home away from home. I'm just trying to figure out what I can DO. I've never been a "news" photographer, always preferring to capture the little slices of everyday life. Yet I study the history, culture and current events of every place I work. Matter of fact I work in countries where I'm particularly interested their history and development. Puerto Rico was already in deep shit with a 75 billion dollar debt and mis amigos there telling me the economic crisis was getting very very real. Now this. Now no power for months. Try to imagine no electricity for months. Sure on a camping trip you desire being off the grid. Yet on a small island of almost 4 million people dependent on gas and computers and refrigeration and jobs etc etc. this is catastrophic indeed. I was pleased to see non partisan support from US govt for aid to Florida and Texas after Harvey and Irma. I just hope that PR, a US territory, will receive the same , as well as aid for all the Caribbean islands so tragically affected by this totally abnormal string of hurricanes. Even from a distance it seems almost apocalyptic. We are now seeing thousands of photos of destruction and pain. We need to see them for sure. A call to awareness and action. So two boys at a public beach rinse off have no news oriented consequence given the current clime. Yet being aware of the "everyday" also gives context for everything else. I am right now thinking of a way I can somehow help. I can't do much, but I must do something. After all my neighbors suffer.

Photo today taken by my good neighbor Frank Brown @obxhomepage. Frank was my assistant today as I finish my HOME project . We started in the early morn with a storm and ended with this rainbow. Frank made this after I pulled off the road to shoot. Yet Frank was thinking way out of the box to go b&w. It works.

To APPLY: Please go to our link in profile @burnmagazine or go to BurnMagazine.org to see past recipients since 2008 and our current primo class international jury. The EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER FUND grant is $10,000. Funded by generous donors through @magnumfoundation. In addition,@fujifilmx_us is offering a Young Talent Award of $5,000. for a photographer 25 and under. A super talent 25 or under theoretically could win both. The 10k EPF grant is for all ages. Deadline for entry is September 30. I started the EPF on my old Road Trips blog because I could see the new generation of serious photographers just weren't going to have print media for support in the future. When I started @burnmagazine along with @antonkusters in 2008 the EPF came with it. Again, please go look at the past recipients of the EPF and what they've done. Both of these grants are no strings attached. No corporate or advertising tricks. The jury is 100% independent. Mentoring and support of emerging photographers has been a part of my entire career. Pay back pay forward. I'm looking forward to the 2017 winners. To be announced at the end of my New York workshop on October 27. APPLY:Deadline for entry is September 30. Link in profile @burnmagazine

Cape Hatteras, NC. These days in the Outer Banks everybody with 4wd is heading for Shelly Island, newly formed off " the point". A storm last spring with just the right combo of wind and currents brought this new island to us. At low tide you can wade out to the island for both amazing shell collecting( hence the name) or go surfing or just hang. This island may wash away with the next big storm which is of course the very nature of barrier islands. They all move all the time. In the meantime it's a beach Disneyland with something for everybody. Quiet shallow water for the kids, good winds for kiteboarders, well shaped waves for surfers, and a myriad of subjects for photographers. Look at Google maps and you can see Cape Hatteras sticks far out to sea. If you are in the outer banks, go check it out. You may not have another chance. #fujigfx #capehatteras #outerbanks

Dune surfers on one of several kite fest days in Nags Head NC. This most popular set of dunes, Jockeys Ridge State Park, has hang gliders, bird watchers, kite flyers, weddings, funerals, church meetings, school trips , sunrise/sunset watchers, deer, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, snakes, turtles , bald eagles, osprey, and tree frogs. As a young boy 11, I fell in love with photography about 75 miles north of here and my darkroom door opened out into dunes like this. So the smells and sounds are in me. This scene is literally straight out my front door now. You always meet nice people up on this dune. There is a hyper magnetic power coming out of this dune. I'm not joking. It's often a melting pot of cultures up on that dune. Maybe they aren't holding hands and singling " We Are the World"... yet the vibe is a bit like that.. an oasis in the current political desert...personally I have always lived my life assuming the best in people. Curious always what makes an individual tick. Going for what we surely must have in common.Everybody is interesting one way or another. All have a story to tell. My darkroom door of yesteryear opened out onto a world larger than I thought.

Earl Grey.

Night ride. Cape Charles Va. 8-17 #fujifilmxt2 #capecharles

End of summer front porch hang time. No big party. Just a few friends. Quiet. Moon. September a time for back to school back to work. I'm finishing up my project at home. Time to take a close look at all I've shot. I always feel like I didn't quite do enough, yet it's all I thought about all I did and all I tried to do. Those I mentor know well that I push them to photograph what is right around them either literally or psychologically. I'll be off soon to New York for my October workshops and to finish shooting at my second home soon to be gone. Keep your eye on my IG Stories in the coming weeks. I'll be reviewing books by some amazing photographers and also giving some insights into the thought process for making a book. In my case it all starts right here at home. What you care about is what you should photograph. How you feel how you think and what motivates your very being. You must write your own song. That can only come from inside. Photography is such a beautiful vehicle for traveling the road of life. I can't think of any other tool that quite allows the same freedoms of both experience and expression. Summer is over, yet adventure awaits.

These old wooden fishing piers down here in the Outer Banks NC look like they couldn't possibly take another northeaster or hurricane. Well they've all been either rebuilt or had extensive repair over the years, but they just keep hanging on. Yes they are sport fishing piers, but also community gathering spots each with its own crowd and personality. Walk out on this pier during heavy seas and the whole thing shakes and creaks. This is a piece of the view from my favorite breakfast table. My photo essay from home these last few weeks is almost finished. A combo of people and landscape. I have not missed my often airport oriented lifestyle. Well I do love to be in faraway lands, yet don't generally like the process of getting there. I'd be very happy if I could just drive to any assignment. At least driving you can have an adventure. Stop to shoot. Change your mind on the route. Or find an out of the way spot like this where somebody has a favorite breakfast table. #fujigfx #nagshead

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