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Havana 2-23-17 . No time for captions. Must post a few at a time because of limited internet.

Havana 2-23-17

Havana 2-23-17

Havana 2-23-17

"Kodachrome" by Paul Simon. I can't remember what year, but a long time ago. As was Kodachrome. I doubt most of this audience remembers Kodachrome transparency film, yet there are rumors of its return. I was married to Kodachrome and a Leica M6 for many years and a more symbiotic tech relationship cannot be imagined. Yet would I go back to Kodachrome at this point even if I had the chance? Now I still shoot some film. But medium format b&w and it's not my day to day medium. Have I and others gone too far into digi to ever go back to our first color lover? I wonder. I hate all the paraphernalia of digi with too many batteries, cables that don't match, and constantly switching testing new cameras . I miss walking out the door with one camera one lens and 10 rolls of 36 exposure which would last me all of a heavy shooting day. Not much to think about except the picture. Yet I also remember being in Vietnam or Cuba with no access to shipping for weeks and weeks and with precious pictures I'd made sitting in my duffel bag unprocessed and praying it wouldn't be confiscated by authorities or damaged by heat and with no idea of how the pictures actually looked. This made me an expert at getting it right at the moment of exposure because there was no room for error with Kodachrome at ISO 64. An 8th of a stop off and it made a difference. No photoshop fix later. Yet when Kodachrome is projected through a Leitz projector any young person today would see on the screen what one might think was a major technical advance. Nothing looks like Kodachrome. Blows the mind in its range and depth and texture. Like vinyl sound. Yet now it's probably just mostly nostalgia. I'm sure that's what the top brass at Kodak are trying to imagine as well. Plus the chemistry of Kodachrome processing is environmentally a no no. I'm texting now on my iPhone. Shoot with it as well as a serious camera. It's loose and free like my Leica was in a bygone era. I'm in Miami now waiting to go to Cuba tomorrow where I last shot Kodachrome. I won't shoot the same pictures. I've changed, my gear changed , Cuba changed. Yet my dreams the same, my eye curious as always. Only today matters. Video @obxhomepage

Jobos, Puerto Rico shot exactly this time last year. About as chill a surf spot as one can find. I've been in the last month over consumed by US political direction. Whew! So this PR bubble of non conflict appeals at the moment. Besides it's warm there and it's cold here, so I'm headed back to Puerto Rico on March 12 to mentor a max of 6 serious photographers. One spot open. Link in profile. Some of these photographers may want to be photojournalists who will take on social and political problems, and some may want to explore photography through a poetic serenity. Both help mankind in my opinion. We need information and we need art to survive as human beings. Conflict exists and should be documented with gusto and peace also exists and should be photographed with equal aplomb. Balance of imagery is the key. My job as a mentor is to aid in whatever direction a photographer is bound and determined to go. Help them to speak with their inner voice, their authorship. Given the freedom to speak visually panics many. Everyone asks for artistic freedom, yet ironically few instinctively know how to use it. Again, my job is to unlock individuality not to direct. I will be shooting myself. Not as demonstration but for real. I'm not a professor. I'm simply a working photographer who may be able to provide insights to emerging photographers because I face the same fears as do they. It's the pursuit wherein lies the sublime.Link in profile.

My last days of staycation. I've been alone for the last three weeks and enjoying every minute. Yet Saturday I leave the outer banks and head for 2 weeks in Cuba mentoring/shooting and then to my 6 student limit photo workshop in Puerto Rico. See link in my profile here IG. Both islands are the stage for hopefully finishing my BeachGames photos. I love the adventure of travel and yet also hate to leave home. Track me on IG Stories starting Monday when I arrive in Havana. In the meantime it's ride ride ride.

Happy Valentines Day Mom and Dad ❤. You two had the sweetest love story of all time. 58 years worth of being in love from day one of junior high school in Moville, Iowa. Thank you forever for your love, integrity, for setting a good example, and for teaching the whole family to never pass judgement on others. I carry your teachings and spirit with me always. 🎈

JOIN ME IN CUBA. LAST MINUTE CRAZY IDEA .Late afternoon light brightens Cuban teenagers who are offering me a ride. I was on foot and looking lost I guess. Or they just wanted to talk to a gringo with a camera. No matter. Warm light is appropriate for the Cuban attitude and personality. I haven't been to Cuba for 10 years but I'm headed there Saturday. Keep your eye on IG Stories. I'll be shooting heavy and at the same time have a full class of 14 through the Santa Fe Workshops program. That's a week. I feel compelled to stay longer as you may imagine. So I've decided to do what I recently did in Playa del Carmen, México. Open up the idea of a one to one workshop. It worked so well with Alexandra @al.nielsen on that shoot for BeachGames that I thought I'd try it again. Un matched mentoring experience for an advanced photographer. FaceTime or Skype interview required. Portfolio review required. I'll be shooting heavy and mentoring by both example and critique. It's rare when I can have somebody with me in intimate people situations. Yet I can here. This is coming down fast. I have a window open from March 1-7. If you are serious, want to explore Havana, and feel mentoring by me would advance your photographic life, then write DM to @michellemaddensmith for tuition/application etc. Please don't write to me directly. Michelle produces/organizes. This photo appears in my book CUBA (published by NatGeo) . My main goal with those I mentor, is to get them to a published book or commissions or exhibitions or all 3. Not everybody can do this. Yet my track record for advancing photographers in a real way makes me so proud of those who have realized a dream or two. It's bust ass work and it's the most fun you will ever have. I bond with those I mentor and stick with them way beyond the week they spend with me. Photography is my passion, my life. Not my job. I've never had a "job". Don't want one. Join me if you are ready to walk the walk. Viva Cuba!

Outer Banks NC 2-9-17. This photo only makes sense if you have a good neighbor named Frank who has creative control over many things around my place. Things I'm throwing out, he will make yard art. Frank and his wife Dawn look out for my house, cats, etc when I travel. Good neighbors to be sure, and that makes sense. @obxhomepage

15 second clip from a Fujifilm promo produced by @bryanharveyfilms in Puerto Rico. While I have done a few ad campaigns over the years, I've mostly done ones that my team produced and were a part of my real life and philosophy. Where I really worked, what I really do. In March I will take on a small workshop with a 6 student limit based in Old San Juan. See link in my profile here on IG. With the small group I'm mentoring we will be together for a hands on experience. In a place where I've worked many times and continuing my BeachGames project through this spring. My students tell me they learn more if they are with me when I'm seriously on the case. Join me in Puerto Rico if a Caribbean photo adventure appeals. My goal is to take each student to their personal "next step". I take on a wide variety of international photographers. Some may be photojournalists and others subjectively esoteric. Portfolio review required for application. I take each photographer for who they are, not trying to create either clones nor formulas. I treat each workshop as it's own work of art. The work of my students for the week it's own unique object if you will. No two alike. I'm all in all the time. Link in profile

Fog on Pamlico Sound, NC. 2-8-17