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This man is my hero. He won’t read this nor be tagged here simply because he’s not into the social media whirl. Mike Halminski is a local photographer down here in the outer banks. Why my hero? Mike steps out on his back deck and takes a picture of an egret or dramatic landscape, steps inside and prints the picture, meticulously mats and frames the print, then hangs it on his at home gallery wall. No marketing of any kind except a smallish roadside sign that says simply “Gallery”. Direct from camera to customer no agent no anybody. His customers are drive by tourists on their way to buy beer and beach towels. He’s been successful at it for 30 years or so. Doesn’t want nor need any more biz than he has. I met Mike and his wife Denise way back. I was on a magazine assignment and he was just doing his thing and making it work. While I felt lucky to have a major magazine behind me, I admired right away Mike’s super simplified shoot and sell eliminate the “middle man” approach. Of course I’ve tried to push Mike just a wee bit into doing at least some promo. He listens, smiles , nods, then just keeps on doing it the way he’s always done it. If you happen to be driving thru Rodanthe NC this summer on your way to Ocracoke, stop and see Mike. He’s got some terrific natural history photos, pigment or silver prints, priced a bit low imo. Yet Mike knows his “audience”. He also knows what I always tell those I mentor to do. That’s to blend your work with your life. Mike lives in the house he built in the place he loves and never “goes to work”... I’ll go off to Paris soon to hang with the @magnumphotos crowd, yet Mike has been a big life influence as well. He rarely announces his arrival at my house. Just shows up whenever. Nobody could ever be more welcomed. #polaroids

One of a kind limited edition print of the leader of my band. Michelle @michellemaddensmith keeps me on track. I was in love with Polaroid SX70 b&w from the minute it was born til the day it died. I used to photograph celebrities and famous photogs and have them sign on the bottom. I’ve got a young Salgado and Meiselas and Burnett and Webb and Kirkland on and on. Did it for fun, now it’s a priceless collection. Oh yea Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty and Meryl Streep too. Michelle is my most recent portrait shot this morning w SX70 as we prepare for a workshop she’s running. I’ve got a very big project in mind involving instant film. I’m testing both @polaroidoriginals and @fujifilm_instax_northamerica. There is a special look to these little “edition of one” prints. Not perfect. Beautifully not perfect. Yet a certain reality guaranteed. What pops out is it. Authentic. Ur done! Can’t be messed with in photoshop. Physical alterations possible but easy to tell those from the virgin prints. Anyway I love making limited edition prints and books and these instant prints will fall into that part of my work. The clunk whizzz of the SX70 when shutter released excites everyone. Including the very young 4 yr old Lyla, Michelle’s daughter and my granddaughter. It’s a family affair. @magnumphotos @burnmagazine

My good neighbor Dimitri Maramenides @epic.dimitri is a pro kiteboarder. I rarely see my Greek friend because he travels the world kiteboarding and doing promo for @epickites, a company his wife Helen @trotphoto runs. The outer banks is one of the top kiteboarding spots in the world, so Dimitri doesn’t have to go more than 50 feet from his living room to do his aerial kite tricks. I just rode my bike down to the dock not even knowing Dimitri was in town. Didn’t know at first it was him coming towards me when I started the video. No idea how he spotted me either. For sure I wasn’t expecting this shot. Wda been better were I prepared. I didn’t know it was physically possible to do what he did. So I haven’t seen the dude for months as he zips dangerously close to dock pilings, pulls up at the last second, lands on the dock railing , shakes hands with @ale_jandram , and jumps/flies back down and away he goes. Don’t try that!!! I might not see Dimitri again for weeks. That was his neighborly hello. The spring breeze is simply delicious. #kiteboarding #outerbanks

If you see my IG Stories, you know yesterday I was shooting Jake Griffin @griffinfisheries launch his dory and stringing a long net off the beach. So I covered it in its entirety. Yet I’m always looking for the little things off to the side. Yes it’s get the fishing shot, yet the bits of magic surrounding the main event are often the pictures I treasure most. Wendy ( last name i don’t know but the girlfriend of Jake’s father) was shooting the scene with her phone. The wind in her hair and the lighting made for a surreal slice out of a fishing sequence. Thanks @griffinfisheries for letting me hang out and I’ll get a selection of my pictures to you soonest.#fujigfx50s #outerbanks

There aren’t very many long net dory fishermen left on the outer banks , much less a young one. Yesterday afternoon Jake Griffin and crew backed the dory up to waters edge with pickup and trailer and power backwards to slide the dory into the sea at low tide and the quietest waters they can find. Yet even the calmest sea is tricky. A lot of right things must happen at once. You need an expert truck driver and boat captain totally coordinated. The combo of the dory sliding off the trailer one way and the wave action the other, has Jake’s crew mate doing a total flip over as the boat hits. I thought surely he must be injured, yet he popped right back up! Luckily it was a chuckle instead of an accident. Jake and crew are from Wanchese, an historic fishing town here. Good folks. Salt of the earth my dad used to say. See my Instagram Stories for a fast view of the process . #outerbanks #fishermen #fujigfx50s @magnumphotos @griffinfisheries

Down in the outer banks it’s all about the dramatic weather shifts.. photo workshop here starts May 27.. see link in profile #outerbanks #coldfront #iphone7plus

Waves slam the sea wall at Avalon Pier, NC.. see link in my profile for upcoming workshop in the outer banks

Ben Cobb. Surfer, firefighter, adventure guide, husband, father, and friend. Outer Banks NC #outerbanks

It was summer 1956 and I’d just gotten my Kodak Hawkeye 620 roll film camera. 12 shots, 12 yrs old. I was soooo excited! I’d found my life - immediately. With no sense of the world of photography, I simply went around shooting pictures of anything and everything. One shot and move on. Our dog. Our cat. My turtle. Mostly my family and immediate neighbors. Here my mother Maryanna (left) and my grandmother on my father’s side Leona. She was visiting us in Va. having driven w my grandfather from their Iowa farm in a green Ford pickup truck. From these two strong women I learned about books about family about values. Both were voracious readers, yet neither had an early opportunity to travel. My mother and grandmother were very close real friends, bonded in part by WWII where the fate of my father was always in question. Both women lived into their 90’s, so we had a long time. Conversations with my father tended to be brief and practical, yet with these two women chats were long and philosophical and optimistic. My mother’s last words were “ you never have to say goodbye”...Brings a tear every time.. Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Grammy Leona . I will never say goodbye. ❤️

I love mimes. In Certaldo, Italy working with my friends/producers @laura_el_tantawy and @diegorlando I was immersed in street theater/performance. Crazy, art, hedonistic, the place to be . One of those very rare times when my eye was burning a hole through the viewfinder. I couldn’t stop shooting. In every direction were pictures. I was testing multiple strobe gear and mixing with available light. Many of the pictures have 4 strobes going albeit subtle. The whole festival was simply a whole lot of fun and Laura, Diego and I worked two nights through non stop no sleep. Bonded. Working on short photo essays is such a pleasure. I often shoot them knowing full well maybe only one of the pictures will last. Yet it’s the way to get to that one single that sings. Thanks Laura and Diego for making it all happen. See my workshop link in profile if you are interested in shooting visual narratives. @burnmagazine @magnumphotos

Ha! A “football star” I was not. I wished, but I wasn’t. Too skinny. Yet this was my caption for the selfie I put into my family album a long time ago. I documented my family when I was 14 and I pretty much idealized the home scene. Yet my football experience was sandlot neighborhood stuff where I did declare myself QB and did love picking a receiver in the chaos. It was like capturing the moment with a picture. Lots moving in different directions and a hawk eye and split second decision required. Yet it was my decision to make the family album very carefully crafted and hand lettered captions under my darkroom prints that got me rolling in a direction that became a life. The book I’m putting together now will prove it is possible to use photography as a life source. I knew early I was compelled to make photographs and that was that. While my caption here is totally wishful thinking, I did get to play a bit in a another big game. Minus the shoulder pads. @magnumphotos

PHOTO CAREER MENTORING WORKSHOP.. as in spring seasons past, I have a very small workshop in my home in the Outer Banks NC. This time will be geared more to shooting and developing a style , yet those who are working on book projects can focus more on editing/sequencing. I’m taking 5 students max. 2 spots open. Portfolio and interview required. This is the perfect place to get real about your work. May 27- June 2. See link in profile. @magnumphotos @natgeo #outerbanks

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