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David Idehen 🇳🇬🇰🇪  Life is what you make it🔥 Lifestyle coach in the fitness world Personal trainer, inspiring to be a life speaker Fun, and fitness 🎉 DM for inquiries!

If your always looking forward there is no need to look backwards! The past is the past, you’ve learned those lessons. The transformation has already begun, be happy with what you have, not with what you don’t have! #lifeisbeautiful #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #wordsofwisdom #beard #dreads #photography #wordsoftheday #inspiration #inspire #lifecoach #mindset #humble

#funfact the sliver back gorilla can lift 1800 pounds of deadweight, and are 9x stronger than the average man. So no I don’t get upset when someone calls me a gorilla 🦍. #goals #savagementality #strength photo credit @movement_society gym @anytimefitnessorleans #trustinpeppers

#listen #read ⬇️ I’ve made a lot of questionable decisions in my life. But the one big decision in my life that I still question is “why I didn’t start earlier?Why didn’t I start training earlier? Why didn’t I start being this me earlier?!? Why do I always get myself in these shitty situations?!?” Listen there is light at the end, the life lesson that I’ve learned over the years, is cause I wasn’t mentally, or physically,or emotionally ready! And that’s ok, it’s never to late to start living your dream life! You just have to be ready, and you have to really want it! But warning don’t wait to long cause someone else may take your spot!!! For me, working out has added a self meaning, and now this is my life passion, strengthens your mind and body at the same time. #gymlife #lifecoach #wordsofwisdom #lifestyle #millionairemindset #mindset #personaldevelopment video credits @movement_society gym @anytimefitnessorleans

Consistently attack what you, fail once, try again, fail twice try again, fail 100 times keep going you are almost there! If it burns it’s working. Don’t quit cause THIS SHIT IS FOR YOU! Workout show here is what I call crazy 8’s 8 side raises, 8 front raises, 8 rear delt flys, 8 shoulder presses, 8 hand claps. Lol a great warm up or workout finisher! You choice! #personaltrainer #lifecoach #workout #wordsofwisdom video credits @movement_society

Happy #fridaythe13th #flex hope y’all will kill it in the gym today. #photography #gains #dreambig #swollempire #teamswollempire

You gotta do it for you, no one else! No one can live your life, so make it worth something! Just like fitness. You wanna look good. Then you gotta lift some shit, run some miles, eat some vegetables. 100% work 100% of the time!#wordsofwisdom #thoughtoftheday #lifecoach #photography #photoshoot #millionairemindset #motivational

Always warm up properly, to avoid injuries, move the bar around make sure if feels good and everything is moving smoothly, if not then reset and try again. If it does t feel good then, don’t do it! It’s not worth it. Progression is key! Lift safely ppl! #personaltrainer #coachtips #Repost @movement_society with @get_repost
Go in and do the work. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t be lazy.
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When your coach ups your cardio for more cals burn, add more weight, more calories burned? Before she gets mad. This definitely worked out my gluets as well. 🤔 butt burner ?!? whatever #maximumeffort 💪🏾 #cardio #workout

When the weight of the world is coming down, remember squeezing your shoulder blades together, arch your back, plant your feet, and push that press that shit back up! #benchpress #liftyourself #dowork #humpday

Damn! I’ve been grinding, and working my ass off for years!
I don’t cry when I see someone doing better than me. Sure I bitch a little bit, can’t lie. But you must know, That what you currently have is what you’ve worked for, want more? Do more, work harder, train your mind and body to be a machine! Then reap the rewards of your life, and hard work! #workhard #grind #motivation video credits @movement_society 🙏🏾 check out their page! We just getting started more 🔥 coming soon!

Focused, determined, and working towards the goal. This is what it looks like for me! What’s it look like for you! #getshitdone #inspiration #goals #gains

Everyday may not be a good day, however there is good in everyday! Truth is, it doesn’t matter what you are doing in your life, good or bad day you don’t know who is watching, my mom and dad taught me that! You are your own self brand. Your smile, your personality, always carry yourself at the highest level. #me #loveyourlife #loveyourself #instamood #inspiration #motivational #lifecoach #photography #photoshoot

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