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Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Just glad you’re nuts enough to swim Backdoor this session 📷 @jrmaosi

While everyone is posting mushy #ValentinesDay things here’s one from my baby mama #LYLY 😘✌🏼@naneaarmstrongwassel

In March of ‘07 I witnessed the biggest surf I know to hit the Hawaiian Islands. It was top to bottom 60-70 ft barrels by dark and the swell hadn’t peaked yet. On a jetski ride back to the harbor after work, #ChrisBaker, my partner and I, bumped into @mcnamara_s at Outer Log Cabins. He said “Grab the rope and I’ll get you the wave of your life.” True to his word he towed me into 3 mile long lump of ocean that spanned from outside Pipeline to outside Alligators. When it grabbed the reef 50 ft below, it doubled up like V Land. Easily the biggest wave I’ve ridden and by far the biggest barrel I’ve got to date. As @imaikalani_devault and I did a hike @volcom dug up the footage and did a piece on it. Kind of a what to do when the 💩 hits the fan kinda thing. It’s on their website under #TrueToThis 🎥 @fluid_vision

In Feb of ‘10, the day after the #Mavericks contest, @shanedorian would ride the most important wave in big wave surfing history. Not the most iconic but by far the most important. What ensued was the most horrific 2 wave beat down I’ve ever personally witnessed. Stacking on the drop then having the next monster wave land square on his tomb-stoning board, I climbed to the top of the tower on #RobBrowns boat to look for what had to be a lifeless body. A quick ski response by photographer #FrankQuirarte and a breath of air before going over the falls ( top right of screen ) Shane was brought back to the boat. As I looked him over I noticed his pulse weak, breathing slow and labored, and his appearance cyanotic. Brother was as blue as a Smurf, muttering a few words, while a yellowish foam dripped from the corner of his mouth. The next day on his plane home he would get the idea for the co2 cartridge #InflationVest that we all use today in giant surf. Now days I don’t even consider paddling out in those conditions without a vest, ski back up, or both. As a result of this ride, a few different versions of the vest are available on the market, and many more friends are still here with us today. Thanks SD and happy early Valentines Day to the the fam ✌🏼 🎥 @fluid_vision

During the Volcom Pipe Pro we as north Shore Lifeguards ran a seminar on surf extrication and CPR. It was in response to the @dusty_payne incident and the overwhelming “What do I do” questions from our peers. The crew learned basic life saving techniques that will in turn aide in saving someone’s life just as it did for our friend Mr Payne. Dusty has started a Go Fund Me page ( Link in his bio ) that benefits the NSLA allowing us to go beyond our 9-5 jobs and continue educating the public how to better assist us and answer those questions before a situation arises. Dusty, for this we are appreciative but mostly we are grateful that you are the toughest person we know. Love you Brother and looking forward to watching your return to where you belong, at the top #DustyStrong

Strolled thru the garden and scored the wife a nice bouquet 💐🐙 #ValentinesMonth

So as the mother whale and calf departed Clark was able to get his drone in position to capture some aerial footage. Pretty much the same as my last post that was done with binos and an IPhone. #SixOfThis #HalfDozenTheOther. 🎥 @clarklittle

Watched this mother humpback whale bring her new born calf to the surface for its first few breaths this evening. Moments later a 12 ft tiger was spotted rushing thru the lineups of Chuns and Laniakea. Not sure if it’s a after birth relation but you might want to skip the dawn patrol in those areas tomorrow 🦈

It’s official, I’m a big fan of Super Bowl Sunday 🏈

It’s no secret, Monday’s are tough all over. For the past few years I’ve run a giveaway contest to help brighten up the day of a dear friend #SaraBalaker @jbalaker9. Shortly after giving birth she was diagnosed with that “C” word. It’s been a battle and she’s been a warrior but some days are tougher than others. All you gotta do to receive a fat bag of #VolcomPipePro merchandise is write her a message here to brighten her day. She’ll read them all, pick a winner, and I’ll send you the goods. It’s that easy, share a smile, win some goods. Everyone deserves a better Monday. Aloha and good luck 🤙🏼

This evening at Pipeline delivered the goods for the boys who patiently waited for the contest to finish. It’s a rarity to see a swell this west not to mention conditions this clean. Hope you enjoyed the show and stoked to see everyone charging so hard Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo 🤙🏼

#VolcomPipePro currently on standby, so you know what that means 📷 @jrmaosi

Backdoor says to bring your A-Game, the #VolcomPipePro is on and you’re in the loop 🤙🏼

Current conditions at #Pipeline with @koasmith and @twakita59360 🔥🔥

Good morning Pipeline. The #VolcomPipePro is on. Drink it in 🤙🏼

When I grow up, I’ll grab my rail. Till then ... 🎥 @ryan.moss

Part 2 Toats Real Bro

The struggle is real

Daddy likes to dance 🕺🏽 🎥 by @ryan.moss 7’6 surfboard by @meeksboards

It’s always #MoeLerner Day at tower 26 🤙🏼

It’s all about the pace 📷 @shanegracey

Cool cats never look back 😎. 📷 @gonzolenz

This 20 ft set at Waimea just got dwarfed by the next one. It’s about to get real 🤘🏼

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