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David Tevenal  Never burn out. Red Baron-NYC /// Memento - OH /// Father, Tattoo Artist and Illustrator. 🏁🏁🏁


Another piece where I used the rule of three that @teresasharpeart discussed at length in her seminar that I was lucky enough to attend. This a piece on progress of Akuma - one of my favorite street fighter characters.

A process video of the Link piece I made a while back. People asked - and here's a clip. The only reference used was a picture of him from his twilight princess poster for the costume reference. My drawings on paper are a lot like this process as well. Those who've seen me work from blank paper to final piece can attest to that process.

This is Pete's first tattoo. Thanks for sitting like a seasoned champ! Can't wait to color this in!

Venom 11"x17" done on Procreate on the iPad Pro. Much fun.

Portion of a Venom piece I'm making - done entirely on Procreate.

Who else is ready for this show? Probably going to binge watch the first few episodes before work in the morning 😅

A finished shot of the wall that @earlfunk and I did at the west arts district in Orlando! His cat comes so correct!!!

Made this commission piece today, livestreamed some of it. Thanks for tuning in!

Knee-deep in getting caught back up on Commissions. I had back to back to back traveling arrangements that have me behind. I'm closed for commissions to get caught back up on July and August's run - and I'll reopen them in October for the holiday season. Thanks for the patience everyone!

ATTENTION - CHICAGO ILLINOIS and surrounding areas - I have been invited by the @explorertattoo conference to be a presenter at this amazing event geared toward Tattoo artist education this coming October. After leaving Evergreen, I've had a spark reignite in my tattoo progress and tattooing as a whole. And it came in the form of teaching and sitting in on several very informative panels from artists that I've looked up to for a long time. Learning is always going to be paramount in making progress happen with your work - and this event is sure to light the fires under so many of the asses that attend. I will be holding a seminar at this three-day event taking place. I can't stress enough how important these seminars can be to a tattoo artist looking to up their skill-sets. If you're in the area, or can make the trip out - please look into this and make the time for it. It's gonna be good. I'm bringing my a-game on what I've learned in my processes on all mediums that I work in, and how it benefits my tattooing as a whole. Visit the @explorertattoo account to find out more information on attending this. I wish things like this were happening when I started out. With the wide range of presenters - This is definitely going to be a game changer for your work, I promise!

This is a photo I took two years ago while I was visiting Poland. It is the Auschwitz concentration camp. It reminded me of the ugliness that resides in evil men, taught me about the suffering millions endured at their hands, and educated/reinforced my understanding of the necessity of equality. It also taught me how to keep the promise to my daughter's generation to never let shit like this happen again. I'm the son of a gay woman, a Puerto Rican man, and the stepson of a black woman who remembers life all-too-well in the post-segregated south. I've been blessed to have been raised by these people who brought and encouraged the diversity in my life. I am a product of social norms that these neo-Nazis hate. To you Nazis... You will not repeat history here in America. You will not desecrate the legacy of millions who died worldwide. You will not destroy our children's chance at a future with REAL Equality. This isn't the time to be neutral. Neutrality doesn't end tyranny, but rather prolongs the suffering of the discriminated. I stand against the bullshit nazi white power agenda, and will offer my assistance with all my capacity to those fighting against it as well. There's no room for that shit here.

My advice is the same as last year kiddo, be sweet to everyone. A new year and a whole new set of lessons - in the books and in the real world. I can't describe in words how much I love this little girl.

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