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Celebrating another year around the sun with a long run in Malibu along the ocean, some rad trad crack climbing in the deserts of Jtree, and some quality time with my California family. Gratitude. Thanks universe. That includes you.

I knew we would be running with heavy packs at altitude and I would be hungry. We stopped late night at a gas station and I picked up dark chocolate Milky Way bars. Have you had these before? Holy smokes. It is marshmallow and carmel wrapped into a dark chocolate bar! And then we saw the real Milky Way. And i edited the shit out of the photo to bring out all the colors and detail. Delicious.

Prusik... An icon. A mass of vertical clean white granite. I could spend years exploring the various routes and cracks on this beauty. @robiesterling and I went up the first 3 pitches of the Stanley Burgner route before bailing due to time constraints, but still had a blast. Did a quick top rope at the bottom on a perfect hands to fingers crack. I especially love how difficult it is to get to this place.

Our fail on Prusik, followed by fail on Stuart had us craving satisfaction. So we went and climbed Damnation Crack, followed by an epic dinner at @yodelinbroth and then camped under a magical clear sky. Satisfied.

Our original plans to climb the classic NE Buttress of Mt Goode in the North Cascades were foiled by pending bad weather and clouds. Our next choice was Mt Stuart's North Ridge, which we were not sure if we would be ready for. We opted for heading into the Enchantments to climb Prusik and then explore Stuarts approach from the north. Ended up at Stuart Lake, a ways past the climbers turnoff to the north ridge, but was pleasantly greeted with these lovely views of the range. Reminded me of the Tetons and Rocky Mountain National Park. Perfect fall weather.

Mountain-ing. Autumn-ing. Exploring. Climbing. Bushwhacking. Struggling. All words that define a mighty fine weekend. Fall is upon us, Yippee!

Started the morning off at dusk leapfrogging 3 young ladies who were also running the enchantments. After sprinting up Aasgard all I saw were mountain goats. Hiding on rocks, licking their hooves, daydreaming, lounging. They have a lovely home.

5 hours, 18.5 miles, 5,487ft elevation gain. First time doing the Enchantments Through Hike. Hitchhike back to car, 2 hours. How did I do you it, you ask? Answer: dark chocolate carmel covered walnuts. And snickers bars. A backpack full of them.

Can i just dream on here a little bit more? Remembering unbelievable powder turns in the Blackcomb backcountry and sleeping in an ice cave. The way light dances with snow and ice entrances me to no end.

I do enjoy summer, but nothing gets the flames of pure stoke burning quite like winter. Ice, powder, fire, brisk air, frosty breath. Winter can also be so quiet...


Took the family and the yurt to the beach in Oregon. Perfect temps, light ocean breeze, yurt crushed it, babies loved it.

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