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Dave England  Jackasstroid

Pro big rigger @realprestonlacy with a full tank of motion lotion on the prowl for lot lizards

Spicy 6 inch rubdown in the bushes

Get a room

3 pix of my 1 & only tattoo... Well, 2 counting the 1 underneath it that I got of a gf when I was 21. At 28 I had it covered by @rogerselinertattoo w/ a black pig. The last pic is now, at age 47. I accidentally burned a hole in the middle when I fell in a bonfire at @tuesday.tuesday & @whoisthor's wedding a year ago.


1st thing this morning & already Tyrone's got a cop on his back

Spike using Loomis as a human shield
#humanshield #spikedloomis

2006 screening of Jackass Number Two in The Outback (not the steakhouse)


I haven't been on IG lately because the Sun's been doing this to me for a week now

My kids are shitty little helpers. Sound on.

I dry humped this Miss Piggy pillow

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