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Dave & Kate  She likes fancy socks and he lives life one taco at a time. (@david_gregory & @_katygregory)


This isn't a word that I could consistently use to describe myself this week. As my big sister and been in the hospital all week withstanding attack after attack on her body, I've struggled to be fearless. This is my big sister. My sisters are the reason I'm not the same loud, unaware, desperate for attention little boy that they grew up with. (At least not entirely). In middle school when other kids were playing with their friends I was with my sisters (6 and 9 years older than me) and their college aged friends. Watching and learning. Watching them set standards for the type of man that they would even consider giving their attention to - the type of man it would take to capture the attention of a strong woman. When I was in high school and they moved out, I would watch them for the next 15 years closely. Every obstacle they overcame, every new journey they began, every boundary firmly drawn against insecurity and doubt was a Masterclass in how to be fearless. .
Now this week as I've been struggling to root out fear in my own heart - as I've watched my big sister battle kidney and liver failure among other things - there have been moments where I felt like that same 14 year old boy just watching and feeling helpless. Last night I received a text saying that Janelle has been intermittently waking up and asking if I know that she's ok and if I'm worried. "She doesn't want you to be afraid, so pray with love and no fear". Even now, as she continues to battle a combination of attacks that are unthinkable, she's fearless and she want me to be. .
It's her voice in my head when I begin to pray from a place of fear instead of faith and it's her example - again - that's the driving force behind my ability this morning to say there's no room for fear in our prayers. I'm believing with her and so many others that there will be miracles. I've seen them before and now I want one for my sister.

Successful night celebrating good friends. Congrats Tom and Aymi. Love you guys. #cutthecordero

Style brother from another mother. #twinning #newfriends #twoguysbowties #woodenhat

We don't really play open mics that often but this Thursday we'll play a short set at one of our favorite cafès (@magnoliasdallas) as the featured artist. Bring your instruments and share some of your tunes or just come see the show!
(Please disregard the strangers that unwittingly walked into our boomerang 😂)

I don't really write love songs, but I love the way this one has grown more as we've played it live. For now this is "Untitled".

Saturday is underway. #harwood

Follow our IG Stories to keep up with Kate's trip in L.A! 🌴😜 (here till Tuesday)

It's a BEAUTIFUL day to go support a local business and pick up our #vinyl at @spinsterrecords.

I'll be in L.A. for one whole week! What should I check out?! -Kate

Thank you @spinsterrecords for having us.
Thank you @thomaslightfoot for opening up.
Thanks to everyone else for coming out.
Love you guys.

#Repost @spinsterrecords (@get_repost)
If you're a fan of "Tacos and Tunes" then you know who Dave & Kate are!! Well, they're going to be performing here to celebrate their re-pressing of their sold out record! Come on out and support them! Opening up for them will be @thomaslightfoot who will be performing his new single as well as other amazing tunes of his. Don't miss out! It's free and BYOB!

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