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Dave A  Food blog for @dave_altm Basically more pics and actual reviews for the food pics I post on my shirtless muscle bear story feed.

Chicken burrito.
Aguachlie de camerón (shrimp ceviche).
Chicken avocado soup.
All excellent. The tortilla chips were hot and oily, which is a good thing.

Street tacos, delicious, and I'd have probably had them after the bars anyways, but I had no choice for dinner since sometime helped himself to all the cash in my wallet while we were at the beach. 🤬
Got most of my money back the next day, turned out to be someone's drunken mistake (not mine LOL)

Chilaquiles con huevos (rojos). These were amazing.
He got stuffed on Stuffed French Toast.

Streak and chorizo sausage fajitas. I'd say okay, not great, despite the many accolades some friends gave this place.
The margaritas were strong.

Chile relleno omelette and a regular omelette. Tasty.
I didn't care for the Bloody Mary.

So much food here, with gigantic margaritas. We only finished half.
Molacajeté, ceviche, guacamole and salsa made at table side.
Kind of expensive at $80 US with top, but the servings were huge.

Chilaquiles with an egg and chicken for brunch.
Good but not great.

Random street taco cart after the bars. As good as any restaurant!
Al pastor and carne asada.

First food stop in Puerto Vallarta. This is my friend's favorite "best tacos ever foodgasm" place. It was good, but he over-hyped it a bit. On the other hand, several others also gave it great reviews.
Tacos Al pastor. The chorizo in melted cheese was decadent...

Tri-tip, garlic beef (sirloin cap aka picanha), bacon wrapped chicken, sausage, fried yucca, fried plantains, garlic toast. All this for $15.40.
The beef and sausage were great, but the chicken was horribly dry. Plantains are always a sweet treat. The fried yucca was interesting, but not something I'll try again.

Stuffed chile skillet, corned beef skillet, and a side of sausage links.
Always delicious here.

Dinner with my friend Joe before seeing a movie in Burbank.
We both had the Fried Burrito with beef ($16), and a couple of margaritas each at the happy hour price of about $7.50. I like buying margaritas with salt and on the rocks, so that I don’t have to drink all that blended ice to get the alcohol, it just bloats me.
Margaritas were great, the burrito was okay. I’m not really thrilled with this place; the food has been just okay both times I’ve been here, but the drinks are good, and the service is great.

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