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Dave Asprey  Created #BulletproofCoffee. NYT bestselling science author. Webby award winning podcaster. Eats butter! Brain hacking lover of life 🎧Latest podcast👇🏼


This is evil. These are little lumps of plastic sold to kids as enchanted stones. Why are we wasting plastic on this when it is just as easy to put ACTUAL stones in a package? Kids can just walk around outside to find enchanted stones all by themselves, for free. Kids get so little exposure to nature as it is, so it somehow seems mean to remove even rocks from creative play. It’s hard to imagine the thought process of the person who created these. I genuinely wonder what they were thinking. Let’s save plastic for things like Legos instead! #waste #toys #enchanted #stones #evil #play #legos

Biohacking isn't all about you.

It's about becoming a better version of yourself to treat the people around you better, having the energy to be kinder and more patient.
That's why it matters to fuel yourself with the right stuff: high-quality food, self-care, a better brain, meditation, and gratitude.
Keep yourself at full-power for the people you love. The benefits go far beyond what happens to your body and brain.
#bulletprooflifestyle #biohacking #relationships

😂 Happy Valentine’s Day!
#ScienceJokes #valentinesday

It’s FAT Tuesday! 😉
Put an avocado on it!
#FatFTW #FatForFuel #FatTuesday #Keto #FatIsYourFriend

Personal development matters.

You can hide from it in your relationship or in other parts of your life, or you can just face it. And the earlier and more deeply you face it, the better off everything is. Not just your relationship, but your performance and happiness too.

@estherperelofficial said it perfectly on the podcast: "At some point, you're going to have to look at yourself. How you communicate, how you avoid, how you fight, how you dismiss, how you judge, how you elude, how you compete, all the stuff we do.
When people actually become more equipped, more skillful, more relationally self-aware, not experts on what the other person is doing wrong, the relationship often improves."

Who ordered all this sushi? Waaay too much for 2 people. Will do my best... 😜 #sushi #bulletproof #sockeye

😂 Keto flu problems. #Keto #ketoflu

Stopped by the new Bulletproof Coffee Shop in Seattle today. Didn’t have time for lunch, so I had cookies. At least, it tasted that way! 😎 #collagen #bulletproofcoffee #bulletproofdiet #bulletproof #seattle #coffee

Good morning! Beautiful commute to Seattle. I’ll be swinging by the Bulletproof Coffee Shop in South Lake Union at some point this morning! #bulletproofcoffee #seattle #commute #cessna #flying

How can this possibly be my backyard? A little dose of nature goes along way. 🙏 #geese #nature

I’ve been working on the last two chapters of my next big book all day instead of watching Super Bowl. Mother nature rewarded me with these epic evening rays of sun on Salt Spring Island! Seeing this photo, it’s time to shave soon… 🤔⚡️✨🚀............
It’s too soon to announce what the book is about… Have been batting around titles and looking at what seems to be successful on the New York Times list right now. What do you all think of “50 shades of not giving a f*ck about making the bed?” 🤪

Best sticky note ever! #butter #bulletproof #bulletproofcoffee

Lunch! Ikura, or salmon roe, is a delicacy. To me, it was always bait. But I learned to like it because it is one of the most amazing super foods out there. Even better than kale. Then again, that’s not very hard… :-) The reason it’s special is that it is high-end astaxanthan and phospholipids that you really can’t get anywhere else. Native Americans would dry these eggs and save them for women who are pregnant because they knew it made for healthier babies. I love these because they are cured with sea salt instead of soy sauce. The difference is amazing! #ikura #sushi #bulletproof #bulletproofdiet #fishing

I’m about to get de-feeted! 🤪 (a new kind of micro stem cells into an old yoga injury.) I went from crow pose into a kick back plank and hit my toe wrong which created a tiny bone fracture that has been re-injuring my foot every day for almost a year. That bone fragment doesn’t stand a chance! With Dr. Matt Cook at Bioreset Medical. 🚀💪⚡️#biohacking #dadjokes #yoga #injury #toes

The @beverlyhilton went so far beyond what I’d expect to welcome me that I don’t think any other hotel on the planet could match it. When I checked in, this was waiting for me – the hotel manager went out and got Bulletproof stuff he knew I would like and put it in the room ahead of time. Blows me away...I know where I’m staying next time I’m in LA! Thank you, Michael. #bulletproofcoffee #bulletproof #hilton #Losangeles

Happiness is... a warm plate of bacon. 😂🥓 #BaconLover #FatForFuel

All this biohacking gear makes me look kind of like @kimkardashian doesn’t it? 🤪 Put on a Bulletproof Labs VIP lounge at the Abundance 360 conference with @peterhdiamandis #a360

Incredible - @tonyrobbins by hologram with @peterhdiamandis at #A360 event. It’s almost like he’s here, except you can see the curtains through his pants sometimes. Amazing message as always!

Lunch at the @bulletproofcafes in Santa Monica! Yucca-based avocado toast with smoked wild sockeye salmon. Why don’t I live next door? ☕️❤️ #bulletproof #bulletproofcoffee #sockeye #avocadotoast #avocado #lunch

Best sushi signage ever! I don’t know who Yuji is but I already trust him. #sushi #losangeles #sushisnob

Just spent some quality time with the legendary @jackcanfield_official - it is so awesome when the person behind great books is even better than you imagine they will be. Chicken Soup for the Soul is just the beginning of Jack’s work on successful people. Subscribe to Bulletproof Radio on iTunes to hear the interview when it comes out - I asked questions I wasn’t sure Jack would be willing to answer, and he totally brought it without reservation. So much respect for this man! #chickensoupforthesoul #justaddbutter #bulletproofradio #bulletproofdiet #bulletproof #jackcanfield

Bye Hawaii! Going to miss you. Next up, Los Angeles to learn from @peterhdiamandis at Abundance360. Super packed calendar doing more in person interviews for Bulletproof Radio and learning about new tech that is changing our lives faster than we think it will, plus a massive new experimental secret biological upgrade (wish me luck!). I really like my job! 😎 #truedarkglasses #lax #hawaii #biohacking

Low-carb, high-fat diets keep you lean, support your hormones and brain, regulate your blood sugar, stop food cravings, keep you full for hours, and give you license to put bacon on everything.
Keep dodging those carbs, my friends, but do it cyclically so your gut bacteria have something to eat on occasion besides fat and protein. (And check out the link in my bio to find your ideal carb intake.) #health #lchf #keto #bulletprooflifestyle

This bone-in grass fed grass finished local Hawaiian ribeye fed me plus two adults and two kids tonight! I’m cooking in a rented condo without all the kitchen gear I like, so I used the grill which creates cancer-causing compounds called PAHs and AGEs even if you minimize charring the way I did. It’s because when the fat and protein drip down onto the hot coals, the compounds get aromatized and stick to the meat. This is why I don’t barbecue at home anymore even though it tastes amazing. To make this safer, I marinated the meat with a blend of olive oil, fresh turmeric, rosemary, and brain octane oil. Tumeric and rosemary contain antioxidants that blunt much of the problem. I would have used ghee instead of olive oil if I had it because it is more heat stable! I paired it with a gently cooked mix of chopped fennel, celery, and a little onion, seasoned with fennel seed and rosemary, with a sauce made of brain octane, grass fed butter, and macadamia butter added right at the end. Just a hint of apple cider vinegar gave an amazing cheesy flavor! This epic dinner cost about 25% of eating at the nice restaurant nearby. It is a vegetable, high undamaged fat, and moderate protein the way I recommend on the bulletproof diet. And the whole family has a food high! #grassfed #hawaii #steak #dinner #Butter #Recipe #fennel #turmeric #Foodhigh #Celery #Rosemary #bulletproofdiet #bulletproof

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