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Thank you @trendy_closet20 for these t shirts and @dmoda_bags_shoes for the clutch..

May your life be as fresh as the dew drops on the leaves. As bright as the rays of the sun and as beautiful as the blooming flowers.. Good morning and have a nice day. #morningvibes #fresh #nomakeup
Outfit @thinkblingg_
Sling @acquistibrand
Ghungroo choker @hoptoshop15
Juttis @purely.lush thank you @swati_punjabi
Ph cover @phonecasesandmoree 📸 @aneri_desai23

"Life is short.. smile while you still have teeth..~ @srishtyrode24 "
📸 @bbhupi25
Thank you @mydressingroom.mdr priyanka for this amazing dress!

Thank you @glamocase

As i get older, i get more quiet and just observe.. #sitbackandobserve 📸 @bbhupi25
Choker @allrystudio

It is our own mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us.. Our thoughts make things beautiful,our thoughts make things ugly.. The whole world is in our own minds.. Learn to see things in the proper light.. outfit @a.la.modebyakanksha
Shoes @dreamkarts 📸 @moneesha999

You have no idea what you mean to me.. you understand me like noone else does-i feel soo protective being around you.you are that one girl who can kill someone for me if need be.. you are an angel in my life. Love you moni.. #thatbongtouch #bongstring Repost from @moneesha999 @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost A true friend is the greatest blessing .. with you i can just do nothing and still have the greatest time .. Dahling you dont even need to tell me or ask .. I got your back !! I will protect you when you need it
I will listen to your bullshit whenever you need me to
I will hold you without reason
I will get high on life with you
I will stand by you no matter fucking what
I will murder people with you if need be
I will just be there
I love you more than you can imagine @dattaatinaa
You my person !!

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You and me in this beautiful world @moneesha999 ❤️
Amar onek kacher manush tui..xoxo
#makingmemories #bestdaysofmylife

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