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DateNightJournal  Rule #1: Never eat dinner alone Rule #2: Ambience matters Current city: SGP Where to go for date night 💕 real reviews

Can't go wrong going to this place as the quality is always very consistent. You won't be able to choose what to order as it is an omakase meal but it has a good variety that includes sashimi, tempura, cooked meats, carbs, cold appetizers, soups. (I have definitely seen people who order a la carte though; I guess that's when you have made it to the chef's inner circle.) I like going to this place past 10pm as it closes late. Ambience is good - really dim and gives off an old school Japan town vibe with jars of aged shochu lining the wall - good for serious and/or mature dates. Will return! $$$$ #whati8today #sgigfoodies #sgfood

Unfortunately no date for this meal, but was still good. Only regretted ordering the garlic; feel it was very overpriced at S$20+! Everything tasted fresh and delicious. Highlights for me were squid and tomato. Ambience - it is a fun place; always good for dates. $$$ #akanoyarobatayaki #robatayaki #sgigfoodies #sgfoodies #sgfood #whati8today #burpple

Food: 8/10
Price: S$100 / dinner for two with drinks
Ambience: what this place lacks in space, it makes up for in terms of vibrancy. There always a crowd and makes the restaurant feel lively. It is not exactly romantic, but it is a place I will regularly go back with a date whom I have no issue chatting with all night over beer and highball.

Food: 8/10, go for the 30-day dry aged tomahawk. I still think Wolfgang zweiner and Wolfgang cut serve the best steak in town.
Price: S$300 dinner for two
Ambience: great ambience, exceptional service. It is a place for special dates. Will come back regularly for celebrations!

🍴Food: 6/10 a lot of people rave about the food here but nope, didn't work for me. 💰Price: S$250 / dinner for 2 with drinks 💞Ambience: good modern, exciting vibes. The layout is a tad distracting as I find myself moderately aware of what the neighboring tables have/are doing. Not a bad thing. Drinks came fast, always a plus. Bring ur hot date here to be seen. Will be fun.

. Food: 7/10 (don't order the caviar. If u are really craving it, walk 30 steps across to CUT; it is a better experience there)
Price: S$250/ dinner for two with drinks
Ambience: good and exciting vibes. Lighting and layout are good too. It is a place I trust to bring my first few dates here. Can't go wrong.

Food: 9/10
Price: S$550 / 2 pax
Ambience: something is missing. It doesn't have the right vibe for a high end sushi bar. Too put together I guess? Money prob better spent at other spots like hashida, ginza, aoki. Bring the date you want to impress elsewhere.

Food: 5/10 the fish soup was definitely good, but not out of this world. My main problem with this restaurant is that most of the food isn't piping hot. That is a big no for me, for Chinese food.
Price: S$600 / dinner for 4
Ambience: we had our own private room, was spacious and comfortable. Staff had great service too. Despite the price and food, I actually will return. Good for double dates.

🍴Food: 6/10 (was looking forward to the angel hair pasta but it pales in comparison to versions at les Amis, Gunther's, da luca) 💰Price: S$1,500 / five pax with many drinks 💕Ambience: i think it is trying to be high end but lacks a few ingredients like exceptional customer service, fancy vibes. In fact, I find the environment a little stifling. Advise against bringing any dates here.

Food: 10/10, must order the Sicilian tomatoes. Even the olive oil is top notch.
Price: S$200/ dinner with drinks
Ambience: good vibes, white table cloth. Bring a serious date to impress.

Food: 9/10 (sirloin, jou-tan and inaniwa noodles were highlights) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Price: S$300/ dinner (special omakase for 2) with drinks ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ambience: every table is its own booth, provided good privacy. Staff did all the cooking but nothing like a little grilling action to break the ice. Good for all dates from casual to serious imo (unless the date isn't into carnivory) Will return!

Food: 9/10 (quail eggs, taramasalata grissini and steak were highlights). Price: $250/ dinner with drinks.

Ambience: lively and vibrant, lotsa couples. We sat at the main counter facing the kitchen, was cosy. Good for first couple of dates. Drinks came fast.

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