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Dat Boy  Royal Order Kingdom of God

Do What I Want. Do Whateva You Can About It.

“Time is Money. Watch How You Spend Both.” -Baby Shark.

Lost My Grill 😣 Been In The City Too Long 🛫

Nobody Wins When The Family Feuds. #YoungProblemz #Family

My Brothers. Shared They Love And Talent To See Me Succeed. I Refuse To Waste THEIR Gift Nor Mine. I Am Exiting The Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Maximum Effort. 🎯

Success Can Make No Man Lose His Way. The Man Was Already Lost.

The Hand Is Useful. But The FIST Is Powerful. Stick Together. Forgive. Love. Oh.. and swipe (pics from yesterday 😎)

Don’t Let This Distract You...

Old Faucet In The Hood Is Whats Goin On Here...

We Speak Often Enough But I Never Get To Express To This Man How Much I Admire Him And Look Up To Him. Slim Don’t Buy Sections He B 1 deep Wit Champagne Nothin To Prove. Bcuz HE REALLY THAT. Rich. But its not all about the $. The Way He Has and still does Carry Himself. He Was The Man Then And He’s King NOW. Lil Flip took me on tour gave me so much game im 4ever thankful for that. Paul Wall is the kindest artist i’ve ever worked with. J Dawg is my BROTHER. I’d xill behind him. Blessed for them and others but i wanna be like @slimthug when i grow up. No Bullshit. #SmartHuslter #Bo$$Life #BHOSDS4EVA #Dad

They Don’t Fear Your Talent. They Are Insecure of Their Own. They Don’t Hate You. They Want The Information You Have. The Sauce Is From Chef GOD Im Sorry. Wish I Could Help. ㊗️

Zara must have sold a zillion of these shirts. All designed to be worn today. 😐

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