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Denise Otico  Dating my husband @steerawker with our β₯ Roz + Daslynn. SoCal livin | Hunger Fighter @halfunited #fashionthatfeeds


Okayyy so I totally missed #mancrushmonday what haddd happened was.... working momlife! πŸ˜… but I'm crushing on these two everyday, anyway. I had to document this unintentional twinning going on here with Roz's @weloveshapes shirt + @lilxokings harems // @halfunited eastwood matte black necklace #blackouthunger βœ–οΈβœ–οΈ

Slow Sundays are the best. Taking the time to do what really matters to you. Trying to enjoy these simple moments even though it takes double the time when doing anything with these little sidekicks πŸ˜… But thanks to @hellofresh for helping this mama out! I'm not much of a cook and our dinner was delivered fresh to our door with all the pre-portion ingredients + an easy 30 minute step-by-step recipe card. You seriously just have to follow the instructions and that's it. Definitely my type of cooking between the busy week we've had! Catch my little assistant chefs hard at work on my Instagram story.
Use code DASROZO35 to #getcooking with $35 off your first box for you new #freshfriends ! Link is in bio and only good for 1 week 🌿 #hellofreshpics #sponsored

New age. New hairstyle. We cut Roz's mane 😩 daddy cut off 7 inches and cleaned up his sides using our @andisathome hair cutting kit, but we still kept it long enough for a fauxhawk. He is actually really digging it and for some reason, he's now so conscious of his hair- he's always fixing it πŸ˜… and after he does some type of activity, he asks "mom , my hair look good still?" Say whattt lol #andisathome // #epickid tank @masonblakeapparel ⚑️

Days like this... I can see that our kids are more happy and will remember when we spent twice as much time with them and half as much money. Time is life and it needs to be spent wisely because time and money are such thieves! They can easily consume us in so many negative ways. We really shouldn't get lost in that world and let it stress us out. We could always use a little help! I have to give a big thank you to the @nationaldebtrelief for easing our minds and pockets- giving us the debt free opportunity to enjoy more outings with our family! Just in time for the longer and brighter days together. We could definitely use more days like this. The less routine, the more life! More on my Instagram Story β˜€οΈ #sponsored

#HAPPYBIRTHDAY so I didn't get to post yesterday on the day of his birthday... but heres how our happy FOUR YEAR OLD looks!! #hewokeuplikethis 🎈
He's been the happiest- a weekend celebration of his special day surrounded by our family! Our little baller was so excited to get this Lakers basketball and some fresh jordan kicks as birthday gifts from our family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to our sweet wild boy! He makes us smile, laugh, and love so hard every single day! We never knew of a love like this- there are no words that we could ever say to let you know how much you are really loved! // never grow up shirt from @shopbabybeast

Happy weekend! He's all about the outdoor hangs until about 30 minutes in.... then, it's snack time! πŸ˜… I know y'all feel me, these wilds are always hungryyy #KoalasMarch has been our favorite on-the-go snack. We love the strawberry flavor filling! #sponsored

We are loving these sunny late afternoons at the park! While Roz was riding his bike, Daslynn took a break from chasing after him to play the new @Barbie Sparkle Blast app. Here she is getting #barbie all dolled up before we take her around the world to play the match-3 gem game. We are fashion crushing on barbies hundreds of outfits and enjoying all the fun puzzles to solve! #sponsored #barbiesparkleblast #mommyapproved βœ”οΈ

Baby girls' cut over her eye is healing nicely and her bad eczema spots have cleared up πŸ™ŒπŸΌ we went to see a dermatologist eczema specialist last week and her new treatment is doing wonders! Things are looking up for this little one. Just in time to rock these cutest little denim bloomies from @heartshapedlabel with @tiny_whales top

Happy Spring forward! Welcoming daylight saving time with a late morning start and Sunday fun day adventures! Roz is loving his big boy @nuna_usa #AACE booster car seat! ✌🏼daddy digs the gray with black accents which goes perfect with his interior and Roz calls it his racer seat because of that "cool look" . I personally love the breathable fabric and the structure of the seat is vented especially with our warmer days here! 😎 We will be using this bad boy for awhile with its easy height adjustable headrest and shoulder system that expands out! #myNuna

Ain't no hood like motherhood. And so you know very well why I have a hop to my skip with this grin because miraculously both babes napped at the same time and so of course- what do the hubs and I do?? We go have dessert! 😜 if your kids are like mine, you'll be lucky if you get two bites in before they have already finished theirs and are now eating your dessert, right??! Soooo.... Happy Womens International Day to me! Haha and to all you moms, single woman, students, boss ladies, and all- we are all WOMEN just doing what we have to. Everyday we are getting it done in different ways. We are stronger together. Unbroken. We ARE everything! #InternationalWomensDay
|| Gray diaper backpack is by @fawndesign ||

Fresh air is doing us some serious good. Straight after work we headed to the park for playground fun with our #grazesnacks box on the go. Perfect set of goodies with all our personal favorites. The little blueberry toasts + white chocolate dip is always a win for us. Get your first box free at @grazeusa! πŸ˜‹ Happy bellies and their smiley faces make it a good Monday to me! #sponsored

Just the hubs and I stayed overnight in LA. We had a double date with my sister to see a concert! We had so much fun dancing the night away (catch the night in my Instagram Story while it's up). We are back home and spent the rest of our weekend off with our little loves. // Roz has been trying to do kick flips, which he quickly realized is a lot harder to do than on the ipad skateboarding game he plays πŸ˜‚ Our little skater dude is in @burklikids shirt and @lilxokings chain harems ✌🏼out weekend, it's been fun!

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