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Travel Couple ♡ danny+ashley  ❥ Living our lives for experiences instead of things ❥ Follow us as we travel the world indefinitely! 📍Cambodia 🇰🇭 🔜 Laos 🇱🇦

Just about every picture we capture is an actual moment. Nothing staged, nothing researched, nothing artificial. Just real moments we happen to quickly set up the camera to capture. .
So know that whatever picture you see, you’re experiencing those moments along with us 🙌🏽.
This moment is of us drinking what was probably our 73rd glass of glühwein (mulled wine) during our Christmas Market tour last month 😄.
Fun Fact: Every Christmas Market in Germany has special custom glühwein mugs only for that market and only for that year (you can see the blueish purple ones we’re drinking out of in this pic). We ended up with 28 unique mugs! We had to ship them back home in a suitcase 😅

We did a day trip through the Austrian alps from Saltzburg and it was winter magic✨

We saw a picture similar to this a couple of years ago and decided we had to come to this quaint Austrian village at some point during our travels. This place looks like a snow globe, so who wouldn’t want to visit!!
Well that is basically what we encountered. This little seaside town is so overrun with tourists it’s kinda like a cross between a museum and a movie set. The locals have become so upset about it they’ve put up signs for no loud talking, no drones, and even no walking while looking down at your phone! (Can’t make this stuff up! 🙈) Clearly the locals aren’t too happy about the continuous stream of uninvited visitors.
The more we travel the more we realize if there’s somewhere you want to go see, go now. Don’t wait. Go experience whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about because things change!

So Salzburg during Christmas time was a pretty special place, and the blanket of snow everywhere made it about as picturesque as you can imagine. It was also extremely touristy, but this is probably one of the few occasions we didn’t really mind it. I mean, it was Christmas after all! More people just made it more festive! 😊
There’s also a pedestrian bridge with THOUSANDS of “love” locks all over it. If you pinch in you can see them all. Amazingly almost every one was unique. And it was like this end-to-end!
Interesting Tidbit: We found out it’s illegal to fly a drone over a public gathering space in Austria... and they can even arrest you for it 😳. Fortunately we found this out about 30 seconds before Danny flew it over the Christmas Market! (the last pic of the Market we ended up taking from a nearby rooftop). Spending Christmas in jail would *not* have been a very fun Christmas. Moral of the story: Research drone ordinances before you fly! 🙈

It’s been an amazing year. It’s hard to believe all that we’ve done and packed into the last 365 days. Every day is truly a gift and we appreciate now more than ever the unique opportunity to be able to do what we’re doing.
Thank you 2018 for being so good to us. We’ve met lifelong friends along the way and had experiences that will stay with us forever. We can’t wait to see what another 365 days of traveling in 2019 has in store and promise to stay humble and never take anything for granted.
Cheers to another year! 🥂🎉

We found some lakeside cabin goals in Austria. Danny was especially obsessed!

Austria was so special. We’ve never experienced such a winter wonderland. Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy Holidays from our favorite Christmas Market in Germany! 🎄🦌 🕎
Check out our stories (or our Bavaria bubble) if you want to see a close up of some the amazingly decorated stalls at this market!

Last month we helped throw what was basically a private boutique music festival for us and our friends. Thanks to everyone who joined us; some amazing times!!
Link in bio for Danny’s DJ set ✌🏽

You’re my other half 👫
Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloweek! This was at the stoop of our brownstone Airbnb in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It’s been an awesome 4 months in New York and we’re bummed it’s already over, but we’ve met so many amazing people and know we’ll be back! It’s not goodbye New York, just until next time ☺️

Is it too early to start looking forward to next summer??
If you’ve been watching our stories, you know we’ve been taking a break in New York City (our favorite city!) the last few months. It’s been a necessary recharge before we set out on another year of travel, which is looking like our busiest yet, with us visiting 5 continents. The adventures continue next month!
If you‘re curious what we’ve been up to in NYC, check out the NYC bubble in our profile 😉

Where pink sand meets aqua blue water is our heaven 💙

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