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  crimpin' ain't easy!! @ashlyn.palmero is my alter ego

purple progress

featuring almost dabbing, foot dragging, bolt hole grabbing, just overall struggling

warming up (more like heating up) at the Happy Boulders in Bishop. 📷: @quacky

escaped the bishop heat w/ a lil swim at 9,100' 🌴
majestic photos: @joshjlowlowy

also guess which one of us was on the swim team 😅

I hardly knew Brandon when I took him on his first backpacking trip in November of 2015. I think we hiked only 7 miles in total that weekend, but hey - that's a start!

After dating for a few months, we attempted to hike the John Muir Trail northbound in July of 2016. We decided to exit early about 100 miles in. We talked about going back on, but time went by and it just didn't work out.

Two years later, Brandon is finishing what we started. On Monday, he began a 175-mile walk from Kearsarge Pass to Yosemite Valley -- alone.
I am so proud of him. I love him so much, and I can't wait to see him next week!

does anyone have short person beta for this climb (Bleached Bones V4)???? even though it seems like the world is against me... I will go to Bishop this weekend, and I will have a good time 🤨😠 #toomuchreality #getmeoutside

'twas a brief, but fun time as a climbing wall attendant. no more hornet hill belays or safety orientations for me 🙌

Trying to train and climb, but my schedule and body say no... my wrists hurt, my shoulder hurts, I'm exhausted after walking upstairs.
I'm pretty stressed from working three jobs right now. The Fall semester starts Monday which means all the Climbing Club President duties and Graphic Design projects will soon be in full swing.
Grateful nonetheless for being able to get outside on the days off work and recognize how valuable those are! 📷: @joshjlowlowy

this is like the only thing I've campused in my life. basically flailing with a little bit of luck...

Wild Miles topping out on Music Box Dancer in the North Wall Boulders.

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Detached Flake 🐒🌿
📷: @michaeldrowell_

2,330 miles 》 17 days 》 3 states + 1 province •

A couple months ago, I realized things I want to do will only happen if I make them happen. So I planned a solo road trip. I chose the road because I could be more in control. I chose solo because alone time is valuable. I eventually chose Squamish as my final destination because it would be a perfect new place for my first extended climbing trip.

Calling this a "solo" trip might be a stretch, as Brandon ended up joining me all the way up to Seattle so we could celebrate my birthday and explore the PNW together. A few days later, some friends from home had conveniently made their way up to Squamish as well. But I'm really glad it played out that way. It was still much more independent than any other trip I've been on. ...and I still had to drive 16+ hours on I-5 alone.

So, what did I learn?
》Canada is amazing!! It's beautiful. the people are great. so is the climbing. plus the drinking age in BC is 19 😏
》Traveling alone as a 20 yr old female isn't scary - it's pretty rad! the Canadian border patrol guy seemed to disagree.
》Living out of a car is the way to go. I loved having everything I need with me. and my roof box fits a crash pad.
》Treat yourself. I splurged and booked a glacier flight in Whistler and it was such an incredible experience. I also had a $50 lunch that day and was not sorry about it.
》Escaping reality for a little while is so important. I knew this before I went (it's kind of why I went), but it's seriously so nice to not worry about work or school for some time. 15/10 would recommend 👌

chalking up on my first multi-pitch in like.. 4 years??
📷: @aram_adventures
the plus side of a crowded route and multiple anchors is the photo op 😅

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