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I wasn't really into sports growing up. My lack of aggressiveness and hand-eye coordination eliminated most team sports, and I didn't care much about attending daily practices and travelling on the weekends.
However, climbing was different. I was introduced to climbing at age fourteen and quickly discovered what it can be. A belay class I took to occupy a summer day soon turned into a hobby, a sport, and a passion.
When I started college, I learned of the opportunities my school had to offer for climbing. There was a rock wall, a club, and lots of other climbers. I could compete against people from other colleges -- this was motivating. I worked my way up the v-scale, felt okay in competitions, started to climb outside again, trained all summer, got myself a job at the school's rock wall, and became the club president. I realized how great it is to be a part of this community.
Soon, it seemed like climbing was all I cared about. I finally felt good at something. I trained harder so I could do better in competitions, and I did (I even won a couple πŸ™†). Running a club was never something I imagined doing, but this responsibility has been so satisfying. It's great to see my members improve and enjoy climbing, too. I was recognized as a top athlete in my club as well as Athlete of the Month in March by Sac State Sport Clubs. I didn't think I could love bouldering more until The Boulder Field opened and I started working and climbing there. I've never been so motivated, so determined to get better at something and seen the hard work pay off quite like this.
After 5 years, I've realized how much this sport has shaped me. It's taught me so much about myself and this life. It's brought me to crazy places and the most amazing people. My heart is so happy when I'm working a route, surrounded by my climbing friends, or even just thinking about my next trip.
For a moment, everything seemed to be up in the air, but I am happy to say I'll be studying graphic design in the fall at Sac State... meaning I can continue to compete as president and member of @sacstateclimbing and pursue both of my passions. I still have so much to learn. ❀

100% effort to make sure I get more V points than George πŸ“·: @50_percent_effort

#betaspray this is actually how to do the fang... πŸ“·: @georgehalterman

cheap gear = more (ginger) beer πŸ’ #CollegeOutside

throwback to my first Bishop trip! lately I've been feeling healthier and happier...and stronger! my second year of college is wrapping up, so that means more time to get outside 😊

climb, climb, climb... all else seems superfluous.

some silly short person heel hook on Iron Man Traverse (V4) πŸ“·: @emrabasto πŸ“·πŸ’£: @sir.cake

Collegiate Nationals is happening this weekend!!! Expecting lot's of (boulder) problems in Houston πŸ˜…

crimpin' (...and puntin') on Rene V5
πŸ“·: @joshjlowlowy

stuck in the gym for just one more week then time for some hot desert days in bishop!!

if a static dyno isn't a thing, I just made it one

momma, i made it

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