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Birthday cake for one year old.:)

Horse cake pop for a little girl's birthday!

Perfectly fluffy vanilla raspberry cupcakes for a Tesla event.

Baby shower cupcakes. Pink and white polka dots.

Top cutting cake designed for cupcake tower. Fluffy vanilla sponge cake with whole fresh raspberries inside.

Two tiered wedding cake designed by the wedding couple (the bride is a graphic designer). Fluffy vanilla cake on top and fudgey chocolate cake on the bottom.

Best dinner. 10/10. Perfectly tender veal medallions with perfectly cooked baby mushrooms that were slightly crunchy not mushy or too soft with a delicious creamy leek sauce with tiniest diced carrots. Mmmm!!

Happy with my hubby.

Arrived for our luxury weekend in the Black Forest. We are spoiled with a bidet, a star chef in the kitchen and relaxing massages are booked!

This is happening right!:)

Birthday cupcakes.

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