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Kemsley  Pretend All Natural Athlete. Pretend Automotive Journalist. Pretend Male Model. Pretend Traveler. Legit Rapper. Last Vid: I Bought an i8 With Cash!

On some Bonnie and Clyde sh*t.

Here’s your boy Kemsley cheesing hard because I now officially own a brick and mortar business. We currently have 2 locations in Utah but have plans to expand to 8 locations one year from today. As an entrepreneur, it has always been a dream of mine to own an actual physical business, provide real value to the community, and be able to see it and drive by it everyday. The work is just beginning, and you will be hearing a lot more from me when the time comes-after we complete rebranding. You all will also get a large discount during grand-opening for being a follower. Thank you for the love and support everyone, and I’m excited for you to stop by, say hi, and check it out soon. 🙏🏽 #LaserDentistry #teethwhitening

Just me and Bentley arguing over gun control and the future of America.

This bag was a gift to me. I then filled it with cash and bought an i8 with it. So.. thanks @calvinklein . Oh the polo is nice too. It is as comfortable as it is tight. #amidoingthisright #ad

The baddest good boy you know.

I go so hard my haters be like, “I really don’t like that guy but damn he go so hard.”

What an incredible month in Bali. Truly such a beautiful place, and I could not have thought of better scenery to be engulfed in while building a business. A full day of island hoping and snorkeling today and then back to the States for this boy. #CryptoProfit #Bali #Indonesia

I am extremely humbled and honored to be invited to the Block Chain Economic Forum in Singapore a couple of weeks ago. I had the amazing privilege to be surrounded by billionaires, billion dollar firms, and politicians. It was also a surreal moment to get the chance to personally hang out with Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox, exchange contact info, and become friends with EA Game’s founder Jeff Burton. I have been working hard as an entrepreneur for 4 years now, and this trip was definitely a big highlight. I am currently in Bali working on my one-stop-shop membership platform. I have some of the biggest and most respected names attached to this project, and am so excited to see it launch next month. I am stoked to provide incredible tools, capital, and education to investors all over the world. You can opt in and receive updates and emails from me now at www.CryptoProfit.com Keep grinding everyone. 🙏🏽

新年快乐🎉! Here’s a little bit about myself: I was born in Hong Kong, and grew up in Shanghai. Even though I did not have the easiest childhood over there, I have always held China dear in my heart.
I have been living in the States for almost 10 years now, and I am just now starting to truly connect with my roots and embrace my heritage. (Which is something I really needed to do, because one of my life goals is to help eliminate the stereotypes of Asians, and racist perception/portrayal of Asian-Americans.) From staying in the metropolis Beijing, to visiting ancient villages, and seeing the most breathtaking mountains, I had such a phenomenal trip. It truly reignited my passion and love for the great country, and its greater people.
It is time I represent my culture more. And more importantly, It is time I do what my bi-racial blood was meant to do: help bridge the gap between the East and the West.
Happy Chinese New Years everyone, I sincerely hope the year of the dog treats you well.

I feel like Pablo.

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This is a long story but I am only going to talk about what happened at @riteaid for this post.
I saw that my car started smoking, and I pulled over into a rite aid parking lot in Orem. I got out the DeLorean and noticed there was a tiny 1 inch flame in the back (it is a rear engine car). I call 911 and run into rite aid, and politely asked the cashier if I can borrow their fire extinguisher that was RIGHT there next to her. And seriously, I was being polite. She told me that I could not use it because it was company property. I then pointed to my car on fire, and all she said was “Call 911”, (I already was talking to them on the phone). I then ask if she can help or go extinguish it since she wouldn’t let me use it, and she told me she didn’t know how to use it. I stood there in front of her for minutes begging and pleading her to borrow the fire extinguisher, all while the flames got bigger. Eventually, a customer handed me a tiny portable fire extinguisher he had, and I tried to go fight the now huge flames with it, and suffered first degree burns on my body. The flame eventually engulfed and salvaged my entire vintage, collectors 1 owner DeLorean (that I was selling for 70k at 5 later today), and the fire department put it out.
I went back into rite aid when suddenly the Orem police comes in and starts talking to me about yelling at the cashier and how she felt threatened. I let the officer know that none of that happened, and that I never raised my voice. He then questioned this rite aid employee and came back and told me that I was right and that there was miscommunication, and that I did not yell at her. However, they did request my girlfriend to leave the property because she still felt threatened by HER. What did she do? She asked an employee for the first employees name, without raising her voice, and they called the police. So this lady refused to lend me their extinguisher, was not trained on how to use it, refused to give or sell us water, and then proceeded to trash talk me to their customers (one came out&told me)we had to wait out in the cold after we were kicked out and my 70k car burned to the ground

Long post alert:
Just like many of you, 2017 has been hard, depressing, and a heart ache. However, it has also been the absolute best year of my life. Because I am purposefully choosing to make it so. There is nothing in the World more important than self growth. And as hard as it is, I had to learn to cut ties with practically everyone around me, to show myself what I can do, and find happiness.
I accomplished everything I previously set for 2017. My body got stronger, I continued my self education, and I purchased all the super cars and items I have ever wanted in my life, yet.. I also felt so lost doing all of it.
As cheesy as it is.. material items do NOT buy happiness. For me, happiness equals abundance, equilibrium, and I believe I found that.
I have many things and goals going on for me in 2018, and I truly feel SO blessed for it. I am juggling between five different self-started companies, focusing on my nutrition, nurturing relationships, all while finding the time to shoot a tv show I was recently casted as a host for. Though it could all be over whelming, I know I will accomplish and find success in it all through self patience, and growth.
As we make our resolutions for the new year, let’s remember that you can never find happiness in items. Let’s embrace who we are, love who we are, and know that no matter how much is on our plate, we CAN handle it.
Let’s focus on continuing to better ourselves, and have an amazing 2018.

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