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Darwyn Metzger  Dog lover. Former TV producer turned Pirate-Robot-Ninja. CEO of Phantom Firm. Twitter/SnapChat: @darwynstheory


Ship it to mama. #americanpokerawards

Who wore it better- American Idol Edition: Steve Zizzou & @sarahzurell

The future is female. #NoBanNoWall

Papa Darwyn, American Icon.

Stalking Chip & Joanna Gaines. I think Bowie has picked up their scent. #fixerupperdog

Jon Snow & Khaleesi one final time.

Halloween is coming. #PhantomHalloween

This moment from the first ever #PhantomHalloween party happened somewhere between dance off #3 and the arrival of 20 boxes of pizza.

Got talked into sky diving yet again by a bunch of Brits. They seem to really enjoy pushing Americans out of planes.

In Rome, just walked through the Vatican, the Pantheon, and up the Spanish Steps. Feet sore. Phones dead. Had more spaghetti carbonara than any two people should. And seeing as we had done everything else there was to do, we decided to do this.

Squad goals.