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All About Nova 💖  Darshay Tiarra-Lee 👑 💕Hayden Nova-Lee 💕👑 J.M 💍💙

1 1/2 years❗️18 months ❗️ 547 days ❗️I’m loving every second of it ! Happy 1/2 birthday Nova 💝

I can’t get over how perfect you are Nova ! 💖 #keepingUpwithTheLees

😍💝 #KeepingUpWithTheLees

What’s better than her ?! NADAAAAA MAMAAAA 💝 - Funfact :54 is the age her grandpa would’ve turned this year 🤴🏾

And I’ll always know she’s loved unconditionally!

My beach bum 🌊💝

I definitely have a diva on my hands 💝💁🏽‍♀️ Nova-Lee🌻

Who’s child and what did they do with my One and a half year old ! 🤦🏽‍♀️

To my babyyyy: thank you for everything you do, done and continue to do everyday! WE love you beyond words ! Thank you for caring and nurturing for Hayden💙 I appreciate you and your honestly everything I ever wanted in someone to spend my life with and to raise a child with. 👨‍👩‍👧 Even when you and Hayden make me wanna knock you both out sometime but the bond y’all is have to perfect so I guess I’ll deal with it. I love you Jerry thank you for helping me raise our Nova 💙💝

To my Main mannnn ! I miss you more than anything Dad ! But I still will celebrate this holiday for you. One thing they can’t take from you is that you are the best father ever ! I wish every second you were here to meet Hayden but I already know in my heart she is you but this picture blows me because seeing it I thought it was Hayden at first. Just a bunch of what ifs ! Happy Father’s Day Mr. Griffin I love you tremendously!

To my brothers : Happy Father’s Day my boys ! You’ve been more than brothers to me you’ve been my protectors , my role models and you guys are the biggest biggest goofs . I love you Lewis, Erroll & Brad ! Happy Father’s Day all day everyday 💙

I love the life I live ! 💃🏽

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