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Darryl Romijn  CoFounder of @ironhouseco | Trying to make dope Videos & Photos | Strength Coach | Contributor to life with Bold Behavior and kind altruism. 🌴🐳

It's good to have a code in life.
Something to help guide at least one important aspect of your life. To keep you from straying away from your path.
Sometimes it's even good to have multiple mantras.. 'Lift heavy, live happy' makes a lot of sense to me. πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ: @weirdoandagirl
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Strong. Gorgeous. Smart. Funny. Caring.
Everything I need and more.
More than I ever thought possible.

Makes me work the hardest.
Laugh the loudest.
Dream the biggest.

So strong. So pretty.

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Miss @hufflebuff.
One incredibly strong and equally kind human.
With all the hard work she is putting in here at @ironhouseco, I cannot wait to see her fury at the upcoming Dutch Powerlifting National Championships as well as the Juniors Nationals that we will be hosting.
Lift hard. Grow together.

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Dinner with a view.
Dinner with the homies.

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The best person I know.
Knows me like no other.
Loves me like I never knew possible.
Gives me full freedom to shine in my happiness.
Opens my eyes to wonders now possible.
Because of her.
Because of true love and true friendship.

My own personal miracle come true.

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Decided to start the year off on a relaxing note, with a strong sense of focus on kicking ass this year. So the wifey and I took a walk around the neighborhood. It was a short but lovely stroll. Lots of beautiful houses around here.

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Fun fact!
In 2015 I started a company with my girlfriend and my best friend.
In 2016 the three of us saw our hard work pay off as we finally opened our doors and the business started.
In 2017 we absolutely kicked ass and had an amazing year.
In 2018 it's only going to get better because we are only going to work harder and better!

Go follow us at @ironhouseco to see what we have been up to and what will be coming up!

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It has been a great Christmas.
Christmas has always been very important to me. I'm glad I got to finish it off today with a perfect date night with my wifey.
Feeling even more driven and focused than ever for the coming year.

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Bon pasku pa tur kriatura.
Laga nos korda riba otro, laga nos hasi loke nos por pa hasi otro su bida mas bunita.

Look at the lights. They shine bright for us all.

For when it is you against your personal Everest. For when the obstacle commands your attention and deserve your respect. For when it calls for you to hone in on the goal and muster every once of warrior that swims through your veins.
Focus. πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ@grootjoostde
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The single greatest achievement of my life has been finding and falling in love with a person who not just completes me, but that also enriches my destiny in life. I believe that I am destined for great things, and never have I been so sure as to the moment I fell in love with you.
Nothing has ever motivated and inspired me as much as the beautiful soul that you share with me. Because of you I will achieve greatness. And in doing so I will have written my life long love letter to you. ❀️ Happy 5 year anniversary my beautiful angelface.

Thoughts become things - Kai Greene.
Can't believe how lucky I am too be in a place in my life where I have created my own true happiness. From my own business to the people I have in my life to the dreams that I make come true one by one. This hat is a small symbol of what is possible if you combine dedication, passion and good ol' fashioned hard work. When you do that you get to be in a place where you can get custom hats made and have them sell out so fast that you need a waiting list. That's pretty dope.

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