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Today our gym did a challenge to donate 1000 diapers to our food bank.
Did you know a lack of diapers in a low income family with babies and toddlers is one of the biggest contributors to domestic violence?
Today our 1K challenge was to do 1000 of something and raise enough money to buy 1000 diapers... stoked to say we will be donating over 3000 diapers to our food bank where they will distribute them to families in need this week. So much love for our gym family @ruggedelite

If you can’t spot the sucker in the first 30 min.... “Wait... we only get 2 cards?” #allred

Win the day... eat the whole pancake.

Apart we are a gym and food bank. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. In so many ways we are the same, the focus is on what brings our community together. Whether it’s fitness or food, those are just the catalyst to bringing people together to form community no matter your background.
Loved working with @rainiervalleyfb on this project and we look forward to many more opportunities to bring our south seattle families together to make a tangible difference and start conversations. ❤️

Hahaha... the Oatmeal is savage af.

Welcome to @Starbucks would you like to try our Pumpkin spice Clean and Jerk? #halloween

Crazy side hustle story... BeckyJo and I drove by a estate sale on the way home from the gym on Saturday to see if we could score some easy flips (some of you know about #muglife.. and my coffee cup arbitrage) and make some quick cash. We both found some stuff, I scored some sweet vintage handcuffs and a mug and the lady running the sale gave me 3 boxes of old vintage books just to get rid of them. Once I got them home I started looking some of them up and found a lot of them worth $40-$80 so I thought sweet.. free money.
I spent my morning getting them posted online... then this happened.
I got a message from a few people asking cryptic messages about a 1905 Bible I had posted for $20... and once I confirmed a few things... bids started rolling in 85, 100, 110,115... and then this one for $150.
Not sure what’s up with this... but I’m taking the money and running... I’m not trying to end up in the sequel of Angels and Demons.
#sidehustle #thanksforthebooks
#score @garyvee #trashtalk

And now we are preparing for our future of misspelling names and face tattoos. 🤦‍♂️#costumebox #dressuptime

I love this one so much. This costume was all her idea for dance class tonight. She was easy to pick out in the sea of princess and fairies. 😂 #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #halloween #halloweencostumes #allhallowseve

Get off my lawn... #halloween #2008

These two are just the best. ❤️

Anyone else take this as a challenge? #gameon @costco 💪

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