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Behind "itslopez"  Projecte cultural sobre l'il·lustradora Laia López ✏ - Cultural project about Laia López✏ De/By: Lucia Gámez👑 Paula García💐 Adriana Díaz☕


Hi guys❤
It's happening! Really soon we'll share with all of you the interview we did with Laia (@itslopez / @laiapcy) a few weeks ago🌙

But, what is this exactly?🤔 We are @adrianad1412, @la_coquettish and @glitteringlucy, 3 journalism students from Barcelona🤓 At the beginning of this semester we were told to make a cultural project about someone -or something- we found innovating. We immediately thought about Laia and her art!✏
We got to see her work, talk about what she does for a living and what has motivated her to do what she does. And we recorded everything.
Two days ago, we presented the project in front of our class (and all the previous posts were our way of presenting it, trough Laia's work!) and now, we are ready to show it to you!🌸
Stay tuned the next few days if you want to see the full interview! We are so excited to show it you!🤗
PS: the video was recorded in catalan (La cara darrere @itslopez = the face behind @itslopez), but don't worry, we'll add subtitles 😜

I aquestes som nosaltres! 🤗
(Aviat, l'entrevista que ha fet possible aquest projecte)
And this is us! 🤗
(Soon, the interview that made this project possible)

Laia López, foto vs il·lustració (o @laiapcy vs @itslopez) 🤓✏
Laia López, photo vs illustration🤓✏

Botigues online, com guanyar-se la vida sent freelance🔴
Online stories, how to survive as a freelance 🔴

L'evolució (II): de 2016 a 2017
The evolution (II): from 2016 to 2017

L'evolució (I): de 2013 a 2016
The evolution (I): from 2013 to 2016

EXO CBX, foto vs il·lustració 👬🎙
EXO CBX, photo vs illustration 👬🎙

Bombayah, foto vs il·lustració 🎶
Bombayah, photo vs illustration 🎶

Blackpink, foto vs il·lustració🎙👭
Blackpink, photo vs illustration 🎙👭

Selena Gomez, foto vs il·lustració 🍸🎶
Selena Gomez, photo vs illustration 🍸🎶

Sun, personatge original🏐
Sun, original character 🏐

Sirenes del Zodíac, projecte personal 🐋🐙🐟🐠🐡🐬🐳
Zodiac Mermaids, personal project 🐋🐙🐟🐠🐡🐬🐳

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