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Piñata interior design

Emotionally unavailable this month, please come back at a later time.

Adans self imagine signifies being the best at basketball 🏀 😈

What does it mean to be an American? What does it mean to be human?
How can we come to an agreement despite our differences?
How can I contribute while I juggle multiple responsibilities?
What are my priorities?

Mis respetos

I can't fall asleep because I'm extremely disappointed over what happened in Charlottesville. I can't sleep because I'm disappointed in my google search for fair trade products in the USA, and mostly I can't fall asleep because I am unable to wrap my mind around who is truly fucking me over? How can I properly analyze the horrific events which have taken place in 2017.

In better news, check out this cool brand which helps raise awareness for Human Trafficking.

Growing up sucks, I miss my friends.

Out of my element


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